September 16, 2020

Nicole Oba


The Shows Will Go On: MCGI Teatro Kristiano to Produce Christian Drama on TV

After youth members of the Teatro Kristiano, the theatre and dance group of the Members of the Church of God International (MCGI), defied pandemic difficulties to produce short films online, their efforts will soon show on television as well.

The premiere of a drama series depicting lessons from the Bible is slated this year. 

The announcement came from Bro. Daniel Razon, Bro. Eli Soriano’s Assistant Overall Servant in MCGI, who was delighted with the results of  participants of the group’s first online film festival that culminated on July 26th. 

The veteran broadcaster said that the group will produce Christian drama to be aired on the Philippines’ public service channel UNTV, of which he is the CEO. 

“One of the things that we can go along with is that thinking of people who are focused on social media, who are concentrated on watching telenovelas and Korean dramas and other things by offering what they want but from a different angle, from a different perspective,” Bro. Daniel shared in his remarks during the event’s big day.

Bro. Daniel also emphasized valuing one’s duty in the church. “Use your youth to serve God,” Bro. Daniel said. 

Breaking the Ice of Boredom and More

With the theme “Breaking the Ice of Boredom,” Teatro Kristiano members representing their respective regional divisions were tasked to come up with a unique ten-minute digital film without leaving their homes and following health protocols by all means.

Since the beginning of May, members had been coming up with creative ways on how to translate their ideas onto film. The festival received a total of 31 entries. Preliminaries were held on July 12, and the finalists’ films were shown on YouTube on July 26th, coinciding with the awarding ceremony of the event. 

The intent of the festival is to engage its members to express their creativity, exercise brotherly kindness and collaboration, and more importantly, strengthen their faith during the pandemic. However, due accolades were also given to those whose entries shone more brightly than the rest.

Now Showing: Biblical Lessons

The film “Positive” from the North Eastern Mindanao TK members bagged the Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Teaser awards.

It shows the cautionary tale of a young man who let his boredom at home get the best of him to disobey quarantine policies by the government and do a number of outdoor activities instead. Later on, he showed symptoms of Covid-19, the coronavirus disease.

Though the test result was revealed to be negative in the end, the ordeal of facing the consequences of his actions helped him realize that there are far more things to do to overcome boredom, such as doing one’s duties in the Church, most especially. 

Tagging along as the event’s second placer was “The Call of Duty” whose title spins off from a popular video game. The film from the North America division displays the life of a teenage man who is indulged in playing video games instead of doing his duty as a son and an older brother. But after a turn of events, he later realizes that it’s better to spend his youth with the people and things that truly matter more. 

“Sonder” from the Central Apalit division, which came in third place, demonstrates how this pandemic isn’t all negative, but can lead to valuable realizations in life. 

Apart from the major awards, the event also handed out props to the participants by awarding Best Film Editing, Best Sound, and more.

Bro. Daniel speaks to Teatro Kristiano members about their upcoming project, while stressing the importance of having God in one’s life.

With God’s help and mercy, it was a successful online event from youths who showcased their God-given talents and demonstrated creativity amidst difficulty.

Despite the pandemic, the Teatro Kristiano continuously fulfill their duties by dancing to songs of praise during church services conducted via the internet and satellite. 

The Teatro Kristiano is one of MCGI’s biggest youth groups aimed at praising and worshipping God through the arts of dance and drama. 

Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.  

(Psalms 149:3, KJV)

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