Newly Baptized Testimonials: June 27, 2014

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on June 27, 2014 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Dennis and Sis. Donna, 38, Former Catholics, Rizal Province

On Being Baptized

Bro. Dennis: I’m happy; it feels good inside.

Sis. Donna: I feel the same. I’m happy, and it’s like our dream to serve God will really be [fulfilled] here.

My brother is a member here. He was the one who told us about [The Old Path program] and we were able to watch it. We liked it, until we continued [listening], until we’re now here, baptized.

We just watched daily on UNTV Channel 37. Until the time came, and perhaps the Lord has called us as well, that we really wished to be baptized.

Bro. Dennis: I learned a lot, a lot of teachings that I never learned from my former religion. So I really decided to be baptized.

On MCGI Leaders

Sis. Donna: My message to Bro. Eli is that may he be given a longer life, and may he continue to do what he does, because he’s a very good preacher. He can really lead many people to what’s good. May God continue to guide him.

Bro. Dennis: May he have a longer life and serve God more and help many more brethren.


Bro. Eleazar Broqueza, 71, Former Catholic, Manila

On Being Baptized
I feel changed. I feel really different.

I listen to Bro. Eli nightly. I’ve been listening to him [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] for a long time now.

Before, I didn’t pay attention to it. But when our neighbor became a member here, [he] invited me, so I got indoctrinated. The [doctrines] were all good.

On MCGI Leaders
May their lives be longer, and may they be able to [lead] many more.


Sis. Elizabeth Norma Baba, 58, Former Catholic, NCR

On Being Baptized
To God be the Glory! I feel grateful to the Lord, and I’m so very happy.

Been attending [MCGI services] for the past six months, until the seventh month came and I decided to be a part [of the Church], to be baptized in water, to be one of the members of the Church of God [presided to by] Bro. Eli.

[The doctrines] are true, and based from the Bible, from the words of the Lord. It’s really true.

For my son Nigel, I’m thankful God has changed him to become a better person. And thank you son because God first influenced me, but secondly was [you]. I saw my son, and he is a changed man, a better person because that’s the work of God.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli is a great preacher of God and also Bro. Daniel. Everything that Bro. Eli said is based on the Bible, not inventions. It is written and based on the word of God.


Sis. Elsa Uypala, 47, Former Catholic, NCR

On Being Baptized
It’s a great thing for me, because my son died last year. It’s like we [my family and I] feel really whole, like we’re sheep who sought good pasture, and we found it here through listening, watching on UNTV Channel 37.

We were able to listen to the words of God, and that’s when we were enlightened, and we became interested, especially with what Bro. Eli said about being indoctrinated.

Bro. Jomar invited me and my husband to [the indoctrination]. We were inspired to attend. At first, it was my husband who attended, then it was me. We didn’t attend simultaneously.

He was first, because I had a grandchild I had to attend to that time, so he went first. When we attended the doctrines, we learned a lot from the Bible; things that we never learned from our former [religion].

We watched on Channel 37. But when we attended the doctrines, that’s when we learned a lot.

After we watched on TV, we were invited to attend. At the time, I just disregarded it as I was focused on my grandchild. My husband however, whenever he would come home [from indoctrination], he would share what he learned from the doctines, so I got the more interested.

He would say, “You know, it’s really well to listen to the word of God.” It’s true; you will never get weary [of listening] though your tired.

On MCGI Leaders
To Bro. Eli, I am amazed by him. It’s from him that I [learned] explanations about the word of God, and we were one of those enlightened.


Sis. Joan Canbonga, 39, Former Seventh-Day Adventist, NCR

On Being Baptized
Now, I’m happy because of the [start of] my service to the Lord.

At last, I found the right Church wherein at this age, I have heard many preachings, but I have not found in them the true word of God that our [leaders] have preached. So I’m happy now that I’ve been baptized, I have received the forgiveness of the Lord and a new life.

I just heard [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] on radio in the three months that have passed. I met a friend, and I lived in their house where he played the radio for 24 hours. It was always Bro. Eli who preached there.

From listening there, I began to be encouraged to join Church services, until I decided to listen to the teachings, to the righteousness taught. I’m delighted by him [Bro. Eli]. Then I decided to be baptized and become a member.

On MCGI Leaders
May he be given more strength, a longer life, because there are still many more people that need to be reached by the righteousness of the Lord; he has many more souls to lead. May there be many more lives that Bro. Eli will reach. More power to him.


Sis. Shirley Camacho, 63, Former Catholic, NCR

On Being Baptized
What I can say is that I feel so pleasant and happy. I found the true word of God, and i’s meaning [through] Bro. Eli’s preaching to us.

I was really blessed in baptism. The reason why I decided to be baptized is because this is where I found true worship.

My son is already a member of Bro. Eli in Virac, Catanduanes, the one who came before my youngest daughter. I listened before but I didn’t get baptized because I didn’t understand fully then.

I also attended the El Shaddai group, but I didn’t go on with it because I didn’t see there true happiness that stems from the explanation of God’s word that I only found here in Bro. Eli.

Though I always read the Bible, I still need explanation, the true explanation, wherein I will see and feel the hand of God attending to my every prayer. He’s truly our only refuge in all times.

[Once] I had sickness, for God chastened me as I forgot Him. I harbored anger against my husband, my siblings. Perhaps, that’s why God chastened me.

Despite I knew Him, I didn’t show it in deeds. Perhaps that was the lesson for me, that though I stumbled, He raised me up again.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, I’m thankful for your explanation of the good news about the teachings of the Lord.

It’s here in your ministry in the true Church that I found true love from God and from you. Many thanks Bro Eli. May God continue to guide you to share with the masses, especially to those who believe they are Christians whose worship and knowledge of the Lord Jesus [isn’t right].

May your life be longer Bro. Eli, and may the Lord guide you that you may be able to lead more souls, with the help of us brethren, unto the Church.