Newly Baptized Testimonials: January 24, 2014

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga on January 24, 2014.

Bro. Rabbi Malapas, 20 Former Catholic, Pampanga Province

On Being Baptized
I felt light. However, there’s the challenge that I will face everyday, especially since I’m waiting for the baptism by fire. I know it’s going to be hard, but with God’s help, I know I can bear it.

I feel light; it’s a different feeling that I can’t explain.

Everything started with my Father who is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). He listens through the Internet while working.

Then there’s also my grandfather. However, he already passed away, and wasn’t baptized. However, in the final days of his life, he was able to listen.

I grew up in a Catholic school until high school. Even for college, I went to a Catholic university.

However, when [The Old Path] was introduced to me by my dad, I didn’t have a hard time [accepting the teachings] as I was open to them.

Also, even as a kid, what [Catholics] did struck me as weird. Though, I haven’t yet heard the teachings, I already disliked what they were doing. So when my father introduced [the teachings] to me, it was easy for me [to accept them].

On MCGI Leaders
Thanks for the Bible. I forgot to say that this is where it started.

I tried requesting a Bible through Twitter. Then, a brother went to our house, and I found that the Bible request is true.

I said I’d just try out the free Bible. And it was true, so that’s when I started believing that it was true.

I’m thankful to Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel because what they do is no joke. What they do is a great sacrifice.


Bro. Cruzaldo and Sis. Yolanda Genova, 48, Former Catholics, Italy

On Being Baptized

Bro. Cruzaldo: I feel that all my [sins] have been washed, like I’m a new person; I can’t explain it.

I feel like as if I was born again, because all my sins have been washed. It feels so good, unlike before in my previous religion, Catholicism, where there are many vices and worldly deeds.

Now, we have learned what we really shouldn’t do. So now that we’ve been baptized, we feel happy.

Sis. Yolanda: We were baptized together, and got indoctrinated together.

Bro. Cruzaldo: It’s a blessing.

Sis. Yolanda: We were indoctrinated twice in Italy, but it got postponed. We were far from Milan, but Bro. Tony [Church Worker in Italy] tried for us to be guided by a Church Worker here.

We’re thankful that there’s a baptism here. So when we return, we’re okay, we’re content already.

We’re happy, because we were really expecting that before we get back to Italy, we’re already been baptized. So we thank God that we have been baptized this day.

We have been listening for a long time [to Bro. Eliseo Soriano] on television.

Bro. Cruzaldo: Then, we were still immersed in Catholicism. But there was our great admiration towards Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel.

Sis. Yolanda: We always watched it [The Old Path].

On MCGI Leaders
For Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, many, many thanks. May many more souls be saved through our bold preachers. We hope that their lives be longer and for continued guidance. Let us all pray for the brethren and for our true preachers. Thanks be to God.


Bro. Reynato Resurreccion, 41, Former Catholic, Manila

On Being Baptized
It’s a new life as a Christian. This is the chance for me to serve the Lord and turn away from my previous life, which was wicked. Now, it’s really all for Him.

I’ve been listening to [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] since 1999. I studied in Japan; I was there till 2003.

It was really nice because the teachings I learned from Bro. Eli, I used [to discuss with] Seventh Day Adventists. They were the ones who collected money from people in the streets.

Then, what Bro. Eli says about that religion, I always debated with them. It seems that they know about The Old Path in the Philippines.

They shied away from me. Whenever they see me, they avoided me because they don’t like discussing about religion.

When I returned here, my brother had already been baptized. I said, “You got ahead of me, when I’m the one who often listens.”

Then, all my friends in Pandacan, Manila have already been baptized as well. So I listened again.

You see, I got lost [from God’s way] in New York; I really separated myself. When I was still a Catholic, I didn’t go to Church. When I returned here, I listened again to Bro. Eli. That’s when I decided to become a member, to be baptized.

On MCGI Leaders
May you continue your works. You are able to save many souls, who are converted to be good Christians, to be servants of God.


Bro. Renato Mejares, 35, Former Catholic, Pangasinan Province

On Being Baptized
First of all, I thank the Lord God, the Father God because I was able to turn back to Him. I also thank Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel.

My former deeds are gone. It’s really tear-jerking. While they were singing, I felt like crying. Of course, my soul got tired of the evil in me, so I turned back to God.

After I got immersed, I felt like I got relieved of my problems. It’s like a new life, as we have forgotten our former deeds.

I was working in Silang, Cavite, when I got to watch the Bible Expositions. People were asking questions, and I got to watch that for about five months.

I was just surfing the channels in our barracks. I was alone and even late at night, I still watched. Even when I got asleep, the TV would still be on [UNTV].

Then when I returned to Pangasinan, I asked about The Old Path, about the Church of God as I was really looking for it.

This year, I readied myself, and perhaps the Lord had called me already, so I searched for a locale. I found a locale in Taguig. And that was it.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli, may you expose many more [teachings] that our fellowmen now [may learn], especially in our times when there are many calamities like Yolanda where many lives were claimed. May they not be just listeners.


Bro. Teofilo Prestoza, 26, Former Born Again Pastor, Cavite Province

On Being Baptized
Now that I’ve been baptized, I’m feeling that I’m complete. I’ve completed the one requirement that would involve my salvation.

Actually, this is my only burden last time that I cannot give to the Church unless I was baptized, [unless] I became a member. Now I feel that I’m one of the members of this Church. So I’ll be able to help; I’ll be able to give. And I’m a complete Christian right now. I’ve been baptized in the correct church.

Though I’ve been experiencing sleepless nights, after the baptism, I feel healed. I’m a newborn.

I’ve been watching Bro. Eli since I was still seventeen years old. Oh no, sixteen. So I regretted the time that passed by. I became a pastor of the Born Again for two years. I regret that experience.

I got baptized with my girlfriend. I let them watch the program [The Old Path] first at home. I’ve been explaining to them. I have been studying this ministry for almost three years.

Even though I was pastoring then, I was teaching the same teaching of Bro. Eli, because I graduated from a non-denominational Bible school. So we don’t belong to any denomination. That’s why I have an open mind. I’ve been listening to debates, to Bible Expositions.

On MCGI Leaders
I would love to see them personally. I want to learn more from them. My message is: May they continue to be brave enough to share the Good News of God, especially to all of us.

May they not get tired of teaching the Good News of God through television because that’s where I knew God. That’s where I knew about this ministry, through the radio [as well].

And I hope by the strength of God, by the power of God, they would not stop in preaching God’s words.


Bro. Marvin Cunanan, 40, Former Seventh Day Adventist, Bataan Province

On Being Baptized
What I felt was the true baptism that is really from the Lord and true teachings.
I got to listen [to Bro. Eliseo Soriano] through radio, television. [My wife and I have] been listening for a long time, for about five years already.

We’ve been together for 20 years. I’ve been listening to Bro. Eli since I was young, but since I went abroad, my listening to Bro. Eli wasn’t regular.

On MCGI Leaders
May the Lord continue to give them longer lives, and may they continue helping the brethren, as well as the people who haven’t known yet God.


Bro. Vergilio Torreliza, 71, Former Seventh Day Adventist, Bataan Province

On Being Baptized
I’m so happy right now as I was from being an Adventist. Here is where I’ve seen the right explanations, charity to our fellowmen. I really saw that it was good.

Also, Bro. Eli is kind, helpful and really well in preaching. My in-law has been listening to him for about five years now.

Since I used to go abroad, my listening was not continuous. But it has been about three years that I’ve been listening intently through radio.

On MCGI Leaders
I really saw that Bro. Eli preaches well, and is really helpful to others, to the poor.

I saw that he has many [charities]. He has free schools, free clinics, free meals, and there are many elderly people whom he cares for.

These are really important for us listeners. Many are being helped. And where else will you join, but in that [group] who truly helps people.

Then, there’s also a free ride from Caloocan to Baclaran and back again. It’s really well. When you’re in Manila and you have no ride or a place to sleep there’s a place you can go to [Transient Home]. And here as well, I believe.

It’s really helpful for us. The Lord took us in. Those are really the things I looked for, for a long time now. The Lord really showed that this is the true one.


Bro. Arturo Alcantara, 63, Former Catholic, Bataan Province

On Being Baptized
I feel as if I got out of a tight space. I feel relieved.

The things I thought about whenever I was alone, “What if I died? Will I have salvation?”

It’s like I was searching for something I haven’t seen before. I didn’t know where really to go. But here [I am], because before I already got to listen on radio, on Don Manolo Favis’ [program].

Then, I lost track of it because I’ve been to different places. In 2001, we [my friends and I] always talked about Bro. Eli, that he was really good. Though he was good for me however, there’s Someone better than him. I said, “One day, I’m going to be there.” And here I am.

Whatever I may do, to the point of turning things upside down, everything [Bro. Eli] says is from the Bible. May people twist it or debate him about it, in the end, the one debating against him folds.

I said, “How can I not believe when he answers straight from the Bible?” There are no inventions; he just reads he answers from the Bible. How then can I not believe? So I said, “This is it.” And I didn’t get hindered.

Of course, the things I saw here are only flashed on his program: The homes, the buildings he had built for those in need.

I have already proven it. I don’t need to go to Manila, because these are proofs already. He’s good. He can encourage many people because it’s purely truth. Also, he fights what’s wrong. That’s where I’m amazed by him. So it feels nice.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli, Bro. Daniel, thanks and may your lives be longer. So that if it’s possible, may you get everyone, that all may be saved.