Newly Baptized Testimonials: December 25, 2014

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on December 25, 2014 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Sis. Paula Jean Cabral, 31, Former Catholic, Cavite Province

On Joining the Church of God

It’s here where I felt the true calling, without hypocrisy. Also, there’s the concern of every brother to each other, and their observance of God’s words is not based on their own understanding. I felt the brotherhood here.

In our former religion, it’s like you can do anything you want to do, and after you do it you just pray and you’ll do it again. But here, I learned how to truly pray to God, how to really ask for forgiveness in prayer.

My husband led me here. He was the first to be baptized. While he listened to Q&As in Bible Expositions, I went with him and we also go to Apalit when he’s here. He was baptized last year; it’s my turn this year.

He was abroad for eight years, and he was able to listen [there]. Until the time came when his mother was also able to listen and became a member last November.

We also watched via live streaming. Also, when the TV signal is weak and only UNTV is the only one left as the others are already black and white, you’ll be able to watch [Bro. Eliseo Soriano’s] Q&As.

He was very patient in sharing this religion, our religion to me. He didn’t quit. Even though it’s just one or two Q and As, he would share it with me every day.

When he was here, even our housemate was able to listen and be baptized. I thought to myself, “Gradually, you are being enlightened and you learn not to be close-minded. It’s very delighting to know that I found here the fulfillment that I’ve been searching for, especially of the spiritual kind, as not all religions are [satisfying].

On Being Baptized

It feels light inside, and like something in me was removed and replaced with a humble heart, if that’s how I can term it: a humble heart.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

May they continue being good examples to us. I pray for their good health and may they continue to lead and spread more the good news of the Bible that there is still hope.


Bro. Raymart and Bro. Michael Castillo, 20 & 17, Former Catholics, Laguna Province

On Joining the Church of God

Bro. Michael: Because we know that this is the true religion. The teaching is right and good, unparalleled by other religions.

Bro. Raymart: As my brother said, this is the right and true one to join. Also, I’m afraid of dying and not knowing the truth. I heard the true preaching.

Bro. Michael: My brother always watched [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] on television.

On Being Baptized

Bro. Michael: Happiness that I only felt here in The Old Path [the Church of God].

Bro. Raymart: I cannot explain the happiness and thanksgiving to God I feel for being a brother-in-faith. That’s all. Thanks be to God.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Bro. Michael: Bro. Eli, thanks for your patience in teaching the truth to all the people in various countries who have not yet learned it through radio, through television. Thank you.

Bro. Raymart: I will just start from where my brother left off, and hope that they will be given longer lives to be able to serve many more people who have not yet learned the doctrines.


Bro. Enrique Jr. & Sis. Caroline Faller, 24 & 26, Former Catholics, Cavite Province

On Joining the Church of God

Bro. Enrique Jr.: We learned the truth. Since the religion we were born in was different, some associate The Old Path with being evil, that it is like this and like that. So whenever I heard it back then, I felt ashamed, and didn’t find out about it.

But with God’s mercy, our television has UNTV so there were times that I was able to watch it, until the time came that I got married. When I was young, I didn’t take religious talks seriously. Even in my old religion, I seldom went to mass; it’s true.

Then when I got married, I learned in life and seek guidance from my parents even now. I started to become interested in the teachings of Bro. Eli Soriano to us, because I saw that the teachings are very far from those of my former religion wherein I had no choice. You would really join it because even if you hadn’t yet learned how to say “Amen,” you would already be baptized.

Sis. Caroline: Also, the parents are a real influence.

Bro. Enrique: When we became husband and wife, we were able to listen to teachings that we can really see and read [in the Bible]. It’s not just speaking from one’s own thoughts, but is being read from a source.

When I was young, I was invited to the Iglesia ni Cristo, to the Born Again, but I didn’t take them seriously. But even so, I felt that I was still of God though I committed sins sometimes. Now, I’ve very happy that I am able to turn back to Him.

When we were able to listen to Bro. Soriano, since about less than a year ago, we didn’t anymore hesitated. Even though it’s Christmas day now, for me this is truly the happiest Christmas that has meaning. I hope that our loved ones will be with us here.

On Being Baptized

Sis. Caroline: It feels light inside. The emotional baggage, regrets I felt are now gone. It feels very satisfying.

Bro. Enrique: I felt like I just cried and cried when I was before God. I felt as if I was kneeling before Him, and I was showing myself to Him that I was filthy and was sorry of my sins, and will continue to seek guidance from Him till the end.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Sis. Caroline: May they be given longer lives so our families who are not yet members here will be able to listen to them.

Bro. Enrique: Thanks be to God that we have a Bro. Eli of whom I had an unpleasant impression before. But now, everything changed. Despite the accusations towards him, which we know are lies, I am thankful that we have a preacher who does not deprive us of salvation. I hope the Father continues to guide him and give him a longer life for his service.

To God be the glory


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