Newly Baptized Testimonials: April 11, 2014

Read short testmonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on April 11, 2014 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Mcleen Kevin Elli, 15, Former KNC, Bataan Province

On Being Baptized
Firstly, thanks be to God because He called my soul and I turned to [Him] again. I’m happy because it feels like all the sins I have done before seemed to have disappeared and I’m starting all over again. It felt like I was born again.

I remember I was five years old when my relatives brought me to their locales. So I became a Kawan ng Cordero (KNC), and not long after, God called me too. My mom is a member of the Church.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli, Bro. Daniel, thanks be to God because you were given to us. Please take care always, and I pray that you will have a longer life on earth so that more people will be able to hear you and join the Church.


Sis. Jonalyn Espino, 33, Former Born Again, Pampanga Province

On Being Baptized
First and foremost, I thank God because of the opportunity He gave me to be a member of the truth, of the true Church.

There were times that whenever I listened to Bro. Eli, I got peace of mind. My heart is filled with love that really came from God, and I believe that I stumbled upon the true Church.

Thanks be to God for our Savior Jesus Christ. May He guide me in my journey because I’m new in the Church, [and is] considered a baby [in faith]. I pray that with God, I will be able to endure. Thanks be to God!

I was able to listen to Bro. Eli when my friend from Arayat (Pampanga) invited me to attend the indoctrination session.

My parents were members for ten years then, but at that time I wasn’t ready. I have a friend who convinced me. That friend was more vocal in sharing with me things about the Church.

Even though I got to listen to Bro. Eli before — almost daily — because my father watches UNTV, so whether I like it or not I got to listen. There were times when I got fed up, but the more I listened, the more it got to me and there came a time when I felt that I was ready to get indoctrinated.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli, thanks be to God because there’s a preacher like you who sacrifices the material things of the world to help save many people. I also thank God for Bro. Daniel because he also helps in leading people towards salvation. Thanks be to God!


Sis. Ofelia Mendoza, 35, Former Catholic, Bulacan Province

On Being Baptized
I thank God because I am now inside the Church of God. I have waited a long time to be a member but I didn’t have time, but I am very happy now because I’m part of the Church.

My employer is a member of the Church. We come here at the Convention Center weekly. I also thank God for my employer because he convinced me to join. I got my first taste of Bro. Eli’s preaching a year ago when I became an employee of my boss’ company. I really see the truth here; I’m a former Catholic. After I listened to Bro. Eli, I stopped going to Catholic mass. I concentrated on the teachings here.

I was from Negros, in the Visayas, then I transferred here in Bulacan. I’m truly grateful that I became his employee. Sometimes when my work is unsatisfactory, he teaches me; he corrects me.

I feel that the doctrines in our Church are very different from my former religion. I really saw the truth.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli, I am speechless, because I know that you tell the truth and I believe that everything is genuine. Bro. Daniel, I thank God that I became a part of the Church of God.


Sis. Julie Anne Dolormente, 18, Former Catholic, Cavite Province

On Being Baptized
I feel happy. I feel light inside after getting baptized.

I came with my spouse; he brought me here during thanksgiving some time last month.

Then after I listened to Bro. Eli, during my first time, I found the teachings to be divine. It’s beautiful. The doctrines were very helpful.

I had noticed coordinating centers of Ang Dating Daan before, and then he brought me to one and I realized that that was it. Lovely. He didn’t say anything; he just invited me to go with him.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli, Bro. Daniel, thanks be to God I became a member of the Church. I learned a lot of teachings. I hope you will continue sharing your wisdom with us, and with other people. Thank you very much.