March 1, 2010


MCGI Indoctrination in English and Filipino Simultaneous Tonight

After the two-week indoctrination sessions which concluded in the baptism of more than 3,500 converts on February 19, another series of indoctrination is set on the first of March 2010. This time, it will be a simultaneous live English and recorded Filipino versions.

Prior to this, Members Church of God International Presiding Minister Bro. Eli Soriano conducted an initial live indoctrination at the opening of February. It was coursed via cable and Internet technology, with local and foreign audiences.  The same setup will be observed except that English will be the medium for the live format. This will benefit especially his English-speaking audience.  Meanwhile, the Filipino version is the recorded lecture of Bro. Soriano’s previous live session conducted last month. This system shall directly cater to many in his Philippine audience who prefer to listen in Filipino.

The live English indoctrination will be held in 119 centers in the Philippines alone, while the rest of the coordinating centers will have the Filipino recorded version.

Online invitations are already posted on Youtube, the leading video sharing site today. Inquirers may send their questions to MCGI’s phone lines and mailers on matters concerning the live indoctrination.

The next baptism follows on March 12, the day before the anticipated Quarterly International Thanksgiving of the Congregation. Usually after baptism, new converts render thanksgiving as a sign of their gratefulness to the Lord.

The new indoctrination setup is shorter by three weeks than the previous sessions which used to last a month. The topics still cover the basic teachings which were discussed in the former month-long gatherings.

With Bro. Eli in the hosting panel are Bro. Daniel Razon, his Vice Presiding Minister, and reader Sis. Luz Cruz. The three compose the group that pioneered the now extensive gospel propagation through the program Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) way back in 1980.

(Written by: Cecile Vizcaya)

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