July 8, 2021


Let Good Works Shine: MCGI Quarterly Thanksgiving Focuses on Faith that Works

With wholehearted gratitude to the Lord, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) celebrated its Second Quarter International Thanksgiving for another quarter diligently spent on charity and good works. 

Held virtually for three days, members from around the world joined in the singing of songs of praise and the offering of the sacrifice of thanksgiving. MCGI Servant, Bro. Daniel Razon, delivered before the congregation a topic that aimed to strengthen their faith, keep their hope alive, and motivate them to continue to love unconditionally. 

“God’s lovingkindness is always there,” Brother Daniel said during the first day of the virtual Thanksgiving service. “For the next three days, let us give God the thanks He deserves.”

Unwavering faith 

MCGI brethren are taught to live a life in accordance with God’s wisdom (James 3:13). This life, according to Brother Daniel, is a life that is prompted by goodness all the time. 

“Let us strive for a faith that works on fulfilling the things of the Lord,” Brother Daniel exclaimed. “In doing so, we will be able to serve the Lord with gladness and show His glory to all men.”

During the online gathering, the brethren studied the importance of learning how to flourish in faith that does good works. “If you desire the unshakeable strength, set your heart and mind on God. Trust in the Lord,” said Brother Daniel.

One in good works 

“We should be one in fulfilling His commandments, with God’s help,” Bro. Daniel said, encouraging the brethren to put into practice the wisdom that were learned during the event. 

 “Let God’s wisdom guide us, let us not be weary in doing good,” Bro. Daniel closed. “And most important of all, let us always remember that all glory is God’s forever.” 

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