MCGI to Cap Off Eventful Quarter with 3-Day Special Thanksgiving on Sept 29 to Oct 1

A vibrant and joyous opening number by the Metro Manila Division Choir and the Teatro Kristiano, welcomes the spectators of the A Song of Faith 5777 Luzon Mid-year Elimination. (Photo: Bro. Rommel Flores / Photoville International)

To celebrate another quarter packed with various activities and propagation efforts, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) is set to offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving to God in a three-day event to be held from September 29 to October 1, 2017.

The international group is ready to give gratitude to the Almighty for wisdom-filled Thanksgiving topics discussed every week by Overall Servants to MCGI, Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon, and for the many Church activities conducted in the past three months.

Brethren from different provinces and countries are already preparing and heading to the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga, the main point of the third quarter Special Thanksgiving of God’s People, from which the event will be broadcasted live across MCGI Coordinating Centers across the globe.

An Eventful Quarter

On July 8 and 9, just a week after the second quarter Special Thanksgiving celebration, the East Coast USA and Canada District Youth Convention was held simultaneously at the Scarborough, Canada and Maryland, USA Coordinating Centers.

The East Coast USA Choir Festival was also staged on July 30, participated in by Locale Choir groups of New York, New Jersey, and other groups in nearby states.

The Mindanao Region Choir renders a beautiful hymn to officially kick off the melodious event titled Mindanao Music Festival held last July 23 at Bajada, Davao City. (Photo: Bro. Cerilo Ebrano / Photoville International)


Meanwhile, in the Philippines, the MCGI Music Ministry organized a couple of Musical events, such as the Mindanao Music Festival in Bajada, Davao and the A Song of Faith 5777 Luzon Midyear Elimination in Apalit, Pampanga. Both event were held on July 23.

An Unwavering Commitment

Volunteers including those from the Members Church of God International (MCGI) help plant 1,000 native plants in Southshore Reserve in Christchurch, New Zealand on August 12, 2017. (Photo by: Steven Suyat, Photoville International)

Adhering to what is written in the Holy Scriptures (Galatians 6:10), MCGI continually conducts public service events around the globe.

In Christchurch, New Zealand, Church volunteers took part in a community tree planting activity last August 12, 2017. Together with the environment group “Trees for Canterbury” which donated the seedlings, they planted 1,000 native plants at the Southshore, Reserve in Christchurch.

In the Philippines, in partnership with public service channel UNTV, a medical mission was held in San Mateo Municipal Jail in Rizal on August 18 where more than 300 inmates were served with free medical, dental, and legal services.

During the quarter, MCGI was also recognized for its relentless efforts in mass blood donation endeavors. On August 14, the Church received a Hall of Fame or Quezon Kasangga Award during the Dugong Quezon Awards. It was the second consecutive year MCGI was given the award.

MCGI Singapore was also recognized by the National Trade Union Congress Health on August 13, citing the Church’s commitment in sending volunteers and helping provide food and assistance to the elderly.

A Thankful Nation

More than the successful activities and recognitions, MCGI is thankful for God’s guidance in the worldwide propagation of the Gospel.

Just a week prior to the three-day third quarter Special Thanksgiving, almost 2,000 newly baptized brethren were welcomed to the fold in a Mass Baptism event on September 22, adding to the many thousands of souls indoctrinated and baptized into the Church during the past three months.

Moreover, within the quarter, Worldwide Bible Expositions hosted in the Philippines were held on a weekly-basis, which catered to more spiritual questions that were given answers straight from the Bible.

Alongside this, Bible Expositions in South America were conducted almost daily. MCGI Overall Servant Bro. Eli Soriano personally travels and tends to the religious inquiries from natives in various cities such as Florianopolis, Lages, Paranagua, and Curitiba.

Through the will and the help of God, MCGI hopes to continue these efforts of charity and propagation in the future. As for now, members from all over the world are looking forward to the three-day event, yet again to be filled with songs of praises and biblical wisdom.

Written by: Elizabeth Borromeo

MCGI Volunteers Participate in Community Planting Activity in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand — Volunteers from the Members Church of God International (MCGI), together with the environment group Trees for Canterbury who donated 1,000 native plants, took part in a ‘planting day’ at Southshore Reserve in Christchurch, New Zealand on August 12, 2017.

After the two-hour tree planting event, the 70 plus volunteers from the Members Church of God International (MCGI), together with the other participants, pose for a photo-op. (Photo by: Steven Suyat, Photoville International)

Trees for Canterbury is a non-profit, fully-developed nursery and welfare-providing group based in New Zealand. Many of the native plants grown are utilised in community and revegetation projects.

By growing native plants in the area, Trees for Canterbury hopes to further restore the native forests that went up in flames in 2009. Once fully-grown, birds in the area are expected to return.

Trees for Canterbury representative Steve Bush told UNTV News and Rescue in an interview that it is the philosophy of the group to involve its community members.

Mr. Bush remarked that he was happy to see a huge number of volunteers from MCGI joining them to fulfill the need of purpose, further thanking the more than 70 volunteers who participated.

“I believe it [the planting activity] is really important, and I’m excited just seeing many of you here working alongside us”, remarked Mr. Bush about the involvement of the Filipino community in Christchurch in the initiative.

Volunteers including those from the Members Church of God International (MCGI) help plant 1,000 native plants in Southshore Reserve in Christchurch, New Zealand on August 12, 2017. (Photo by: Steven Suyat, Photoville International)

MCGI’s Environmental Commitment

MCGI has always been a strong supporter and advocate of greening efforts in various cities and provinces in the Philippines and even abroad.

During its commemoration of the anniversary of its religious program “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path in English) in 2010, MCGI mounted a massive tree-planting initiative, dubbed “ADD-a-Tree” project.

More than 70,000 seedlings were planted, reared until becoming a full-grown trees.

Youth volunteers from the Members Church of God International (MCGI) plant native trees in Southshore Reserve in Christchurch, New Zealand as part of Trees for Canterbury ‘Planting Day’ initiative held on August 22, 2017. (Photo by: Steven Suyat, Photoville International)

“Ang Dating Daan” is a Tagalog program hosted by MCGI Overall Servant Bro. Eli Soriano and Assistant to the Overall Servant Bro. Daniel Razon.

Written by: Karmi Tongol – Rioveros