MCGI’s Mass Blood Drive Advocacy Honored in First Dugong Quezon Awards

Lucena City, Quezon Province (August 16, 2016) — The Members Church of God International (MCGI) received the Hall of Fame award in the first ever Dugong Quezon Awards held at the Quezon Convention Center in the city of Lucena, Quezon.

MCGI - First Dugong Quezon Awards

Bro. Danny Navales, Assistant Helper of the Ministry, received the award on behalf of the Church, and expressed gratitude to God for continuously giving the group a chance to help our fellowmen in need of blood.

“We are happy to know that as our bodies benefit from the act of donating blood, many of our fellowmen in need benefit as well. This is not a one-time event, but a continuous program spearheaded by Bro. Daniel and Bro. Eli,” said Bro. Navales.

Aside from the Hall of Fame award given to the religious organization, 23 of its members received the Galloner Award from the Quezon Provincial Government on the same evening.

“It is a really great feeling to receive this award, and to take part in a great advocacy initiated by Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel — to be able to donate blood to help those in need,” remarked Galloner Awardee, Bro. Richard Ricamara.

Quezon Province Provincial Administrator Rommel Edaño expressed his gratitude to the group for their continuous blood donation efforts.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to MCGI, spearheaded by Bro. Eli. In coordination with our province’s blood council, your group provides continuous assistance,” Edaño told UNTV News and Rescue in an interview.

Here’s the complete list of the 23 MCGI members who were each given the Galloner Award:

Sis. Mary Jane Andrade
Bro. Aldrin Cablaida
Bro. Anselmo De Raya
Bro. Timothy Adajar
Bro. Rico Badidles
Bro. Valente Bernal
Bro. Ramon Cada
Bro. Fortunato Cabarliza
Bro. Japhet Cablaida
Bro. Jimmy Cerezo
Sis. Jenny Cerezo
Bro. Gregorio Constantino
Bro. Francisco Dalawampu
Bro. Crodualdo Leonidas
Bro. Librado Dayo
Bro. Randy Monterey
Bro. Sixto Ocado
Sis. Helen Ramos
Sis. Judilyn Silva
Bro. Jessie Tacliad
Bro. Joshua Villanueva
Bro. Jose Guevarra
Bro. Richard Ricamara

Written by Sis Pol Arellano

MCGI Thanks God Continuously: Another Thanksgiving of God’s People After 3-day Celebration

“While we are alive, let us thank God for the opportunity [we have] that we can thank Him.”

This was the powerful highlight of one of the many biblical topics served by Bro. Eli Soriano, Overall Servant to the Members Church of God International (MCGI), during the second quarterly Thanksgiving of God’s People held last July 29, 30 and 31 this year.

Starting off the Thanksgiving ceremony is a lively opening song and dance number performed by the Church's Music Ministry, Teatro Kristiano and Orchestra.
Starting off the Thanksgiving ceremony is a lively opening song and dance number performed by the Church’s Music Ministry, Teatro Kristiano and Orchestra.

Following the biblical directive written on 2 Corinthians 4:15, the congregation followed up the three-day spiritual event with another Thanksgiving of God’s people on August 6, 2016.

“In thanksgiving, we realize that we thank God because we are here alive, with strength and clear minds, and with the opportunity He gave us to thank Him,” said Bro. Soriano on the second day of the three-day event.

Bro. Eli emphasized the fact that the opportunity to be able to offer thanksgiving in itself is already a reason to be grateful to God. “Thanks be to God that I am able to attend this Thanksgiving event!,” exclaimed the international evangelist.

The three-day Thanksgiving of God’s People is a celebration of gratitude for the abundance of biblical learnings and for God’s guidance manifested in each fruitful charity event and successful propagation effort for the past three months.

A Glimpse of A Fruitful Quarter

With the unwavering support of brethren through God’s help and mercy, this quarter saw the founding of new relay stations in key points across the globe. The successful launching of Ang Dating Daan’s Worldwide Bible Exposition on Facebook Live and Youtube last June, reaching thousands in different parts of the world, also marked a milestone in the Church’s goal to further propagate God’s word.

This past quarter also saw the continuing public service efforts conducted by the Church. Mass blood drives and medical missions held in partnership with UNTV and various LGUs were steadily held across the country. Prior to the start of the school year, MCGI youth members conducted sports activities and participated in the DepEd’s “Brigada Eskwela” project.

“I am very thankful for I had the chance to be [a] part of the public service efforts done by the Church,” remarked Sis. Kathleen Manalo from the Locale of Rosario, Pasig. “Not everyone is given the opportunity to do good, and I thank the Lord that I have that opportunity, and the opportunity to thank Him now during the Thanksgiving of His People.”

Thanksgiving of God’s People for 3 Days

The three-day TGP drew in thousands of thankful congregants from various parts of the world.

The Music Ministry and Teatro Kristiano members from the locale of Singapore lead the brethren in offering hymns of praises to God during the first day of the International Thanksgiving of God's People.
The Music Ministry and Teatro Kristiano members from the locale of Singapore lead the brethren in offering hymns of praises to God during the first day of the International Thanksgiving of God’s People.

In the Philippines alone, more than 1,360 satellite centers served as remote points for the occasion, while brethren from other parts of the world, including members who are natives of Central and South America, participated in the celebration via satellite and internet connectivity.

“Thanksgiving is the opportunity I have to acknowledge God’s mercy, that He led me in the late part of my life to the Church of God. Thanks be to God for a deeper understanding of life, as it should be,” exclaimed Bro. Heiner Riechers from Canada in one of the many thanksgiving testimonies of brethren posted on the Church’s official social media platforms.

The heartfelt gratitude was a shared sentiment by all. From different corners of the globe, TGP greetings made rounds on social media. And all the Church’s official thanksgiving hashtags for the event, namely #BlessedNationMCGI, #NationOfGodMCGI, and #RejoiceNationOfGod consistently reached top spots in the Philippines’ trend lists.

3 Days Not Enough

Melbourne, Australia -- Bro. Daniel Razon, Assistant Overall Servant to MCGI, deliver the biblical topic for the Australian-hosted 1-Day Thanksgiving Celebration last Aug. 06, 2016.
Melbourne, Australia — Bro. Daniel Razon, Assistant Overall Servant to MCGI, deliver the biblical topic for the Australian-hosted 1-Day Thanksgiving Celebration last Aug. 06, 2016.

Just one week after the celebration of the three-day Thanksgiving of God’s People, this was followed by another thanksgiving celebration. Incidentally Bro. Daniel was in Melbourne, Australia to visit the brethren and check on their welfare.

Speaking before the brethren gathered at the Function Centre of Melbourne Olympic Park, Bro. Daniel reiterated about the benefits of following God’s commandments in the Bible. He read Romans 8:28, which reads, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

“God can always shape things for your betterment, for your own good,” said Bro. Daniel.

After the first part of the topic, regular consultation with Bro. Eli took place. During the consultation period, congregants and visitors personally sought for Bro. Eli’s advice on their various problems.

The succeeding part of the topic was delivered by Bro. Eli and more biblical truths unfolded before the congregation. “Love and life is not a gamble. You can live a life of certainty, serenity and peace — without too much problems [and] that is through God’s words,” Bro. Eli said.

With the reassurance of God’s loving kindness and protection to those who serve Him, the celebration ended with an undeniable air of hope.

Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel do their best to see that the brethren are edified in faith and their service to God Almighty. Brethren observed that their compassion to brethren wherever they are are similar to how the Apostle Paul and Timothy cared for the brethren in faraway places during their time.

Delegates’ Worthy Trip to Melbourne

Church members and guests traveled from different parts of the world such as UAE, East Timor, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and even the USA, to partake in this event.

“We wanted to see Kuya Daniel in person and meet the brethren here in Australia, too. Even if it’s a 14-hour flight from UAE, it’s all worth it. I’m thankful to God for the smooth travels; we experienced no hassles,” said Sis. Fatima Eugenio from UAE.
[In photo: Sis. Fatima Eugenio and Sis. Jaika Eugenio]

Based on my experience, seeing our preachers in person fortifies my faith — which is why I try to visit the countries where Kuya Daniel goes. Meeting brothers and sisters from different places makes me very happy because it expands my circle [of friends] and I feel glad to be with them,” stated Sis. Mary Ann San Diego from Singapore.

Sis. Ma Li Chen, a Taiwanese national, shares her message to our preachers: “I pray to God that He’ll add more years to your life, Kuya Daniel and Bro. Eli. I really do hope that you’ll be able to reach more souls so people will get to know the truth we’ve learned through you.”

MCGI’s next quarterly Thanksgiving of God’s People celebration will be held on September 30 to October 2, 2016.

Written by Sis. Yanna Faye Ferrera and Sis. Stacey Tee-Bagang