Newly Baptized Testimonials: March 19, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on March 19, 2015 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. John Lazona, 31, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

It’s here in Ang Dating Daan [The Old Path], the Church of God International where I saw the true Church.

It’s here where all the doctrines of God are taught to all the members. Before, when I wasn’t a member yet, I was able to watch the program of Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel on UNTV. That’s why I decided to join.

I just happened to watch it. Also before, it was my habit to read the Bible. That’s when I had an idea. I was formerly a Catholic. [But] I can see that the Church is beautiful and orderly that’s why I decided to become a member.

On Being Baptized

I felt a while ago that I was a newborn baby, like a new person. It’s so relieving after baptism.

All the [doctrines] went straight into my heart, that the doctrines of God can work greatly in every person.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that you will continue your preaching to all people in the whole world. I hope that your lives may be longer that you may be able to help many more people like us.


Sis. Marilou Pascua, 52, Former Catholic, Batangas Province

On Joining the Church of God

At first, it was all hazy to me. I was a catechist before. Then, my daughter became a member, and we always had arguments, because she would criticize my Catholic practices.

It was about four months that she invited me to listen. But I said no because I had a duty in Catholicism. When she stopped convincing me, that’s when I had an interest in watching the television program.

I was alone at home when I watched until time came that my interest deepened more and more. I would watch until 12 or 1 am.


My daughter didn’t yet return. Before, she would text me. When she stopped [trying to convince me], she didn’t know that my belief had already rooted…

Then I told her that I would stop teaching in the Catholic religion. She said that what Bro. Eli says is right.

Time came when I really decided [to stop in catechism], and I told my daughter about it. I presented myself to her; she laughed and said, “Really? Seriously?” I replied, “Yes. I don’t teach anymore.”

I just really waited for the schooling period to end. I told them, “I won’t be returning.” Then, I also opened the matter up to my colleagues… They didn’t want me to leave. They said it would be wrong.


“Do you know Bro. Eli?” they asked me. I said, “Why do we need to judge a person? How about us? Do we know the priests?” It was through him that I found [wisdom]. Please don’t get mad,” I said.

I lost many things [starts to cry]. I’m crying about it because I love them. But if they will judge me… We all have rights, don’t we? Also, I feel like I have long been being called here.

Actually before I became a catechist, I was a Born Again member. And it’s because I was really looking for a Bible study. Even when I was a child, my grandmother would always bring me to church. [And] I have joined them all, Born Again Christian, the charismatic movement, etc. But I asked myself, “Why is there something lacking?”

On Being Baptized

I feel relieved.

Truth be told, I’m not used to this kind of appearance. My livelihood [before] was photography, so I am used to touching things up. I would make my customers look beautiful, and so that’s where I learned to make myself look pretty as well. It’s only really now that I dressed like this… But it’s okay, I can learn it for the Lord.

I learned a lot. I’m not saying that I’m a good person, but perhaps, I will the more be a better one. And it’s because there’s nothing better left to do than to give thanks and praise, and share what is given you. I really learned much.

[My daughter] was laughing and laughing last night. She said, “Oh? Really?! You’re kidding.” I told her, “I’ve decided [to be baptized]. Her best friend is with me today.

Before, when she had just heard three doctrines, she said that, “I think I won’t be able to [finish] because there’s still something hindering me.” I said, “Perhaps, it’s the manner of dressing…”

She always wears shorts… But then she said, “I’m not used to that kind of attire. But with the help of God…” All those things can be learned. Besides, it’s just appearance. All of us, when we die, there’s no look we can be proud of.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I am very much thankful because [they] opened my eyes to the right doctrine. I really learned a lot. [Their] teachings are all right. I told myself that I have no doubts because all is correct; everything is in the Bible.


Bro. Allan Taniog and Sheryl Mejia, 34 & 35, Former Catholics, Cavite Province

On Joining the Church of God

Bro. Allan: That’s where I saw the true teachings that are from the Bible.

Actually, my father is a member, and so is my brother. They would watch television [The Old Path], and I would just hear it until I developed an interest in it. It’s like their way of leading me here as well.

Sis. Sheryl: [At first], I was somewhat annoyed at him because he always listened to Ang Dating Daan [The Old Path].

Our television set is in the living room; and though we were in our room, the TV would still be running even in the wee hours of the morning. He would say, “I’m listening though I’m not watching.”

I felt irritated whenever he turned [the TV] on. But when I heard the verse read by Bro. Eli about graven images, my interest was piqued as I was an idol fanatic… So that’s how I have proven that what he reads in the Bible is true.

Bro. Allan: It started in about 2002 on radio, when my father listened, then on television. But I didn’t mind it much then. It was only recently, just last year, when we were already together that I listened continually.

It came to the point that we didn’t watch any other program, until the time came that we decided to be baptized. Actually, it was supposed to be since last month, but [our decision] coincided with the arrival of our baby.

Sis. Sheryl: It was the time when I had to deliver our baby that time. So we continued and grabbed the opportune time [after that], and we brought our baby along with us. We already had about one year of listening.

Bro. Allan: Before, I just listened, but didn’t pay due attention to it. However, I had no choice since it was my father who was watching it, and I couldn’t change the channel. It was only when we’re together that [my listening resumed]. I would list down verses that Bro. Eli is reading, until here we are now.

Sis. Sheryl: With the mercy of God, we have been baptized.

On Being Baptized

Sis. Sheryl: Emotional.

Bro. Allan: True. There was a time that I couldn’t explain what I was feeling. Perhaps that’s what was said: The Holy Spirit who will change you.

Sis. Sheryl: Even when I was just in line, I was already weeping. I have never experienced this in my previous religion wherein I had vows. Never. It’s just in here.

While in line, “Why am I crying?” Maybe I’m just happy. Actually, when the baptizer was asking me questions, she almost wasn’t able to hear what I was saying. But with God’s mercy, after I got out of the water, it’s a new me.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Bro. Allan: May God lengthen [their] lives that many more people will be lead here, for their own sake.

Sis. Sheryl: We know that Bro. Eli has many detractors. I hope he won’t be [distracted]; he will get through it I believe. I hope that he won’t be affected by them. Also, he is always in our prayers. May he have good health, and a long life. We want to meet him in person.


Bro. Ramon Macaraeg, 47, Former Catholic, Bulacan Province

On Joining the Church of God

When I watched on television, I saw the righteousness. So when I [conferred with] the Bible, I knew that the preaching was right.

I’ve been [listening] for a long time, perhaps since the 1980s. I wanted to become a member then, but there were hindrances. I hadn’t an opportunity.

Now when I got transferred in Bulacan, there was someone who invited me to listen. I didn’t have any second thoughts. Maybe it was the chance for me to [finally join].

On Being Baptized

This is what I have been waiting for a long time. I believe that all of my sins have been [washed away]. It’s like I feel light inside.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that many more will be able to hear their teachings that many more will be with us in facing the Lord.


Bro. Juan Udan Jr., 32, Former Catholic, Cavite Province

On Joining the Church of God

It’s where I heard doctrines that are true, that are from the Holy Scriptures.

My wife also opened my eyes to this as she became a member first. She likes reading the Bible. She became a member just last November.

I was busy at work until… She was really avid in watching Bro. Eli. She had almost read all the Bible’s [verses she listed down] when she watches on TV on cable; it was 24 hours anyway.

Sometimes, we would argue because all she ever watches is UNTV, Bro. Eli Soriano’s programs. [I told her] that once I know that Bro. Eli’s teachings are okay, that his words come from the words of God, I will see, and I will get indoctrinated. If it’s really okay, I will join.

I said that she didn’t need to persuade me. However, I’ve watched some of [Bro. Eliseo’s] programs, until [my watching time] doubled, and it went on from there.

There are many odd things in other religions, just different. Their doctrines are various. But with Bro. Eli, he dissects every version of [the Scriptures]; he explains every verse written in the Bible.

On Being Baptized

Actually when I wasn’t a member yet, I always get into accidents. But even before, I always prayed when I drove. I knew even then that it’s like the Lord was calling me already. So I thought of getting indoctrinated already, that I would listen to all the words of God.

Before I’ve been baptized, I forgave all of those who had sins against me. Then I asked for forgiveness. I felt light.

It’s like my chest was overflowing with [emotions]. Somehow my breathing got better. It felt like there was magic that really [happened] when the water overtook you. I felt light inside.

So then I delivered the news to my wife: “We’re siblings-in-faith already.” My wife said to me, “Welcome to the Christian world!” She was thankful because sometimes we would argue about it.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that [their] lives will be longer, that [they] may reach various people in different parts of the world.


Bro. Jhonas Ryan Grijaldo, 23, Former Baptist, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

I saw the righteousness of the word of God in the Bible. I also saw the wisdom that Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel is preaching that I didn’t see in other churches.

I was from Catholicism and from a Baptist [church]. Then, I investigated the teachings that I heard from Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel. I was able to compare teachings with that of the Baptist and the difference is great.

I realized that my becoming a member of the Baptist church wasn’t right. So I decided to become a member of the Church of God.

I’m a seaman; I go aboard ships. Our captain often watched [Bro. Eliseo]. He had CDs, copies of the Bible Expositions and the debates. I copied them all. And with God’s mercy, I was called through that. Since then, I listened to the Bible Exposition and debates nightly.

On Being Baptized

It feels light inside. All the burdens that were on my shoulders are all gone. It really feels good. It can make your heart really feel light. I can breathe easily now.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

May they continue with the evangelization, the preaching, and to expand the ministry of the Church the more. I am eager to hear many more teachings, and true teachings at that from the Bible, the true teachings that the Saviour Jesus Christ taught. Thanks to Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel.


Sis. Elizabeth Ramos, 15, Former KNC, Batangas Province

On Joining the Church of God

Ever since I was a child, I already know [the teachings] and I have been raised by my
parents in the Church. So I got encouraged to join here as well.

When I was younger, things weren’t that clear to me. “Why is it like that?” I asked myself. But when I got older, I understood it and it went straight to my heart. The teachings here are indeed very different from those of other religions.

On Being Baptized

After I got immersed, I felt I had peace of mind. I felt appeased.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, I miss you already. I don’t see you anymore. I love you. We love you.


Sis. Josephine Ronquillo, 53, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

My knowledge expanded with what I was watching on TV. It’s like that. It has been about six months now.

I often listened, but I didn’t yet attend [Church gatherings]. It’s because I was also busy at work. My daughter even got ahead of me [in joining] last year.

Truth be told, I was the one who lead my daughter here. It’s just that she got baptized first. I was just surprised one day when I found out that she became a member already. I didn’t hinder her.

I got interested with what he teaches. I investigated it, and I got touched. My spirit was awakened.

On Being Baptized

It feels light inside. Wherever the Lord wills [for me to be], that’s where I must be. He’s in charge. I pray to Him that whatever way He wants me to go, [that it may be followed].

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

May Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel continue their works for the people whom the word of God will be able to lead [unto the Church]. May they be given more bodily strength that they may continue their service to many more people.


Sis. Bangie Puerto, 37, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

It’s here where I saw that everything is being taught; nothing is hid. Then, this is where I found that [something] I’ve been looking for.

Actually, my husband was the one who brought me to the locale. It was our first date, and he brought me to the locale, which was actually an answered prayer of mine. I prayed for a partner that will also be my partner in the Lord…

From then on, I always went to the locale. He would bring me to the locale, and it would be our meeting place.

My first impression was is that this is the Church that I’ve been looking for. I have been to a lot of churches already. Then I said, “This Church is unique.”

It’s here where I saw worshippers who really bend their knees in prayer. It’s the only one I saw with knees that are really bent.


The first Sunday [I attended], the man I married said, “Okay, God willing.” Those words were a good sign that this man is a person with wisdom. Then I told him that I would just go there by myself.

So we met in the locale. And I was shocked because I thought it would be just any other church. Then when I saw it, [the sign] read “Church of God International” and then “Ang Dating Daan” [The Old Path].

I said, “I sometimes just hear this on radio,” and that I wasn’t aware about it much. I just heard “The Old Path,” and just wondered about it. But that time, I didn’t take it to heart as I was in another religion.

And then, I finally understood what it was, and I always went to the locale and got indoctrinated. My partner is the kind that doesn’t persuade. He told me that he wanted for me to learn on my own, for me to prove in myself what is true, that what he shares with me is without hypocrisy.

On Being Baptized

I had mixed emotions. I felt then that I knew that there was the Lord who is very loving, who didn’t mind who I was before.

I’m thankful that He called me. I’m thankful for the person he used to lead me to the right religion, the true Church that hides nothing but teaches all, verse by verse and in detail, which is needed and rightful.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

My message to them, as faithful and true preachers, I hope that they will continue in preaching faithfully and truthfully, which, as with water, without impurities.

Because this is where I learned, and I’m thankful to the Lord that He used them. I hope that they will have many more opportunities in life, and lead countless more people like me.

To God be the glory

Newly Baptized Testimonials: March 13, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on March 13, 2015 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Cesar Suva, 50, Former Freelancer, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

For me this is the true Church. This is where I found the true teachings of Christ, not the tradition of men, not the knowledge of men, and Bro. Eli Soriano is an instrument to share it with those who wish to know God.

It was through his Bible Expositions on TV [that I got to listen], since last year only, about July. Since I was a freelancer, I also listened to other religions, but didn’t get baptized. I just listened to them, to their teachings, and what they preach stroke me as something that digresses from the Bible.

On Being Baptized

Of course, I feel great joy not only in my heart but in my whole being. This, after all, is the doctrine of Christ that one should get baptized. And it happened to me, so thanks be to God that He willed for me to be baptized.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Bro. Eli, first of all, thanks be to God that He used you as an instrument in persevering for many to be saved. You have been a part of me, of my life.


Bro. Benjamin Martin Jr., 33, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

I joined because I was able to watch Bro. Eli on TV wherein I found the answer that I was looking for, and that we need the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s where I knew Christ.

I heard about Him in church, but you wouldn’t really know Him like that. When I heard Bro. Eli, that’s when I knew that God is the Savior of our lives.

On Being Baptized

I’m so happy. In my heart is a treasure unlike any other here on earth. It’s like this: When you gamble, you’re happy. But here, it’s unparalleled.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I’m thankful that he was an instrument in my life for me to receive the true religion that I can share to my family and relatives.


Sis. Vivian Wico, 48, Former Born Again, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

It’s here that I saw the group that believes in God.

Honestly, my husband and I have been listening since 2001. But for some reason, we didn’t… perhaps, because we were devoted to being Born Again members. I was enticed to being a Born Again even before we got married.

But then, when we got to listen, we gradually discontinued worshipping there. We continued listening and watching [Bro. Eli], and perhaps the calling of the Lord had arrived, but my husband got baptized first.

Last year, I got operated in the ovary. So, the Lord gave me a new life. I promised to Him that I will dedicate my life, my second life to Him. That’s why I am here now.

On Being Baptized

Well, relieved  relieved of everything, of the worries, of the emotional cargo. I felt cleansed.

I feel much comfortable now in doing things, unlike before when I always felt fear. Ever since I got operated, I always felt fear in doing things; I felt stressed. But now, I feel relieved in that whatever I will do in the future, I know God is there.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I’m very thankful. I’m always thankful that they are there to guide people like us who have lost our ways and are now returning unto God with their help.

I should say, [the preaching] is really truthful. It’s really based on the Bible. I didn’t see anything that was invented. I didn’t hear anything that seemed to be only their opinion as preachers.

I saw that it was true. Since I believe in the Bible, so of course I will believe what they say. But perhaps if it were only based on their opinion, I wouldn’t be here.


Sis. Gianne Ericka Espino, 20, Former Catholic, Pampanga Province

On Joining the Church of God

Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel’s teachings are good. I was able to listen to them for about four months until I decided to become a member here, because I believe that the doctrines are true. It was my first time to [hear Bro. Eli] then. But in those four months, I attended without fail; I had no absent.

November 17 marked my friend’s spiritual birthday and he invited me to the Church. That’s when it started, until I liked attending. He works in Manila. But even if he wasn’t around, I would attend by myself. I didn’t even know Ang Dating Daan [The Old Path] before.

On Being Baptized

I feel so elated inside. It’s like, “Wow!” I’ve been cleansed, my heart has been cleansed. I’m really very happy.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I’m overly thankful for the teachings that they teach us. May they always be guided by God.


Bro. Solomon Burgess PhD, 63, Former Baptist, Rizal Province

On Joining the Church of God

The reason I joined the Church of God is because of its message, and what it stands for, its principles. That’s why I joined the Church of God.

I grew up in the [Baptist] church. I taught Sunday school in the church. So being here, its teaching coincides with what I learned in my childhood, what I was teaching. So the message coming from Bro. Eli is what I learned and what I was teaching. So that was one of the main reasons why I joined. When I heard the message, the message was the same.

I saw him a few times on TV, and then one of the members of the Church who invited me by the name of Bro. Felilx spoke to me about watching about this particular program on TV.

So I tuned into this channel; I think it was in ’93. And I said, “Oh, wow! I’ve seen him before.” And so I watched it. The teaching, the scriptures, and the interpretation are coming from the Bible, not man’s interpretation.

Some time lapsed, he mentioned it to me again so I started to follow it, and now I’m tuning into it. So I decided, “Oh, okay.” I think this one is probably, well not probably, the correct teachings that I have been exposed to since childhood.

On Being Baptized

Oh, it was something special; it was different. I was baptized three times before. This one is really different.

I heard that majority of the people who have been baptized, their feet remain at the bottom of the pool. And likewise, my feet remained at the bottom of the people; [they] were dipped in the water.

So, when [I was] told to put my hands over my nose [and got immersed], I went back and just levelled horizontally in the water. According to [the brother], that was never done before.

But the significance of that [for me] was, while in the water… Of course, I was looking upward, vertically. Sometimes when you close your eyes you see darkness, [but] when I closed my eyes and I was looking up through the water, I could see these bright colors: Light pink, light red, but it was pinkish. It was like a rainbow, but all of them together.

Then, just before I have been brought up, everything was clear; it was white. So I said, “Okay, this is different.” This was really different. But [even when] I was just walking to get out of the pool, it was like I was walking on air. “Wow! What’s happening?”

And until now, I’m having that feeling; it’s just like I’m floating [laughs]. So that was the feeling of that.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Keep doing what they are doing. Keep feeding the people the bread of the Scriptures, and hopefully… They’re already making a big difference. Just continue to do what they’re doing, continue to bring the people from the worldly world into the world of salvation.

That’s about it. That’s the reason why I’m here in the first place. So he’s making a difference. Just keep on going; just keep on driving. So hopefully, maybe I can join him, because part of my mission was helping people in the first place since I’ve been here in 1992.

But even before 1992 I have been helping people. We had a bread line where people who didn’t have food to eat [could go to]. So when I got here that was what I was doing [for] those who hadn’t had food to eat; those who couldn’t even buy dextrose at the government hospital, we provide medicine.

I am delighted to be part of this organization, of this mission, this ministry. Hopefully, I can also be part of that team that’s making a difference.

Keep it up. We just have to keep going. The more souls, the more people we can bring into the Church, the better this world will be.

To God be the glory

Newly Baptized Testimonials: March 6, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on March 6, 2014 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Eliezer Duazo, 58, Former Catholic, Rizal Province

On Joining the Church of God

It’s really a great opportunity to become a member here. Since I was able to watch it [The Old Path] on TV, it’s like I have been fully enlightened.

Every time I get home, I would turn on the television and look for the Ang Dating Daan program. Every word he [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] speaks is about the Bible; what he says is truth and righteousness. My mind was gradually [enlightened].

I said to myself, “For the longest time, it’s only now that I heard such words that give life and light to every person that hears it. That’s when I proved that [the Church] he speaks of is true: And that is the Church of God.

As I continued listening, [my faith] developed, until I decided to [become a member]. At that time, and I remember it well, it was January 9, 2014, they broadcast [a Mass Indoctrination] invitation.

However, I wasn’t able to attend it as there was a hindrance at the time. Being a poor man, what hindered me was my yearning for materials things.

Until 2015 came, and they announced again [Mass Indoctrination sessions]. I told myself that … Coincidentally, that date [completion of doctrines] would be near my birthday in March.

I promised myself that when I turn 58, I will be baptized. That’s why I strove to be one [of the baptized] this day, that my sins may be washed, that my entire self may be changed. That’s how simple my desire is really.

[I remember,] I turned the dial to UNTV. I said, “This is okay.” Until now, each time I get home, I tune in there, and I share it with my acquaintances as the name Ang Dating Daan is famous. They say to me, “Maybe you’ll become a member there.” So thanks be to God that I am now here.

On Being Baptized

It’s like I feel pleasant inside. It’s my first time to be baptized by water, so thanks be to God.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I am greatly thankful because God used them to teach and profess the Good News. I can see that they are really striving to establish, to give the right teachings of Christians to those who wish salvation. Like me, I yearned for salvation. So here I am.

I thank them for their persistence, concern, and care for [us]. Also, to those who facilitated in the [locale], and special thanks to Bro. Edwin who assisted me until the indoctrination sessions were over. Thanks be to God that I am now here.


Bro. Michael Pangan, Former Iglesia Ni Cristo Member, Rizal Province

On Joining the Church of God

Firstly, I was a Catholic, but I became an INC on April 23, 2011.

Our boss, Sir Felix invited us to watch Ang Dating Daan [The Old Path], Bro. Eli Soriano. He invited us every 12 noon. As we ate, we had a Bible Study. [A Church Worker would play videos of Itanong Mo Kay Soriano or Ask Bro. Eli videos during their lunch break.]

Now, I listened to it, and found it to be good. What Bro. Eli says is true. I listened continually, and then one time, I talked to my co-worker, who is a [Church] member.

I said to him, “Brother, I don’t know you yet, but I’m Michael Pangan. I find the doctrines good.” He then asked, “Why? Do you want to listen to the indoctrination sessions? Where are you from?”

“I’m from Angono,” I replied. He’s Bro. Jun Paras by the way. I was then able to attend the indoctrination. I was [convinced] by the indoctrination. That’s where I learned the whole [teachings].

On Being Baptized

The doubts in my mind were gone. I felt light. The things I worried about like our livelihood, our business, [I feel] that the Lord God will help me with it.

I hope that now, with the help of the Lord God, after I go out [of this Convention Center] and go home, that my dealings with my family will be better, and that I may also bring them [to this Church].

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Bro. Eli, I’m Michael Pangan from Angono, Rizal. All I can say is that you are really honest in your words, and straightforward as well. What you preach to the world is the truth and only the truth. I hope that your life will be longer. That’s all I ask, that many more will join our organization.


Bro. Neil Bongkinki, 47, Former Catholic, Bulacan Province

On Joining the Church of God

I learned the truth in the Bible. What Bro. Eli does is [in] the Bible, which other pastors don’t do.

Although it’s really hard since we are from different [religions], but we must change our ways. It was through him that I felt the truth that the Bible speaks of. I saw in Bro. Eli all that is in the Bible.

Ever since I was born, I didn’t understand anything about the Bible. So when I got to listen to him that time (It’s been a long time now, about four years ago. It stopped, but then resumed recently), that’s when I realized that I should continue with it. For why else search for the truth about the Bible?

My father was in Saudi then, and wars were commonplace. Of course, I was worried about my father. I listened to him, because I was amazed by him. When he explains about the Bible, it seems that he doesn’t need to read from it as he has memorized it. He knows what answer he will give you, and he also knows why things are like this and like that; he knows all of those things.

[My listening] stopped for about three to four years until a colleague invited me, and it went continually from then on. That’s when I realized that I had to continue, so that at least, I will get closer to God, that we may know our [purpose]. We are growing up and we don’t know the truth of God.

Actually I have long wanted to be baptized, but it happened only now since it’s vacation also.

On Being Baptized

I felt like there’s this relief in my heart, in my mind. My worries disappeared.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope he will have a longer life. If it were possible, may he last until the appearance [of the Lord]. He’s already in that place [wherein] he can save many people’s lives. Actually, he’s the only one I see who is like that.

He is able to save many people who believe in him, like us who had no idea about the word of God – from childhood to maturity. But now, we have this opportunity, let’s grab it.


Bro. Mark Christian Suarez, 29, Former Jesus is Lord Member, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

It’s because of their teaching that’s true, unlike in other religions wherein they teach only what they wish; they (other religions) don’t teach what’s in the Bible. I saw in Bro. Eli’s preaching that all he says are true. All the explanations are in the Bible.

I have long been listening actually. I have also been a member of the BREAD [Bible Reader’s] Society so it wasn’t hard for me to be convinced. It was in 2007 when I became a member of BREAD.

Until time came that I would listen through UNTV, Itanong Mo Kay Soriano [Ask Bro. Soriano]. And I really saw that what he teaches is true. That’s what persuaded me to be baptized today.

On Being Baptized

I’m so very happy. That feeling that I received is what we can say as, the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

May their lives be longer, that they may save many more people. May they always be in good health.


Bro. Stardy Gabinete, 35, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

Actually, I have long been listening; perhaps, for at least 10 years now. But I was investigating; I was thoroughly investigating what I was listening to. Also, many things troubled me.

My siblings, they are the ones whom I thought to be people who are hard to be changed, but they got ahead of me in being converted. Actually, all my siblings, my parents have already been members since 2006.

I, on the other hand, continued with worldly activities. I was so busy at work. But then, they had always advised me that I may be reprimanded by God. They weren’t wrong.

God did reprimand me. I believe that what I experience now is just that, because I’m ill; I have a disease and I undergo dialysis.

The doctor told me that the longest I could stay around is five years. But ever since I heard Bro. Eli, it’s what encouraged me to go on. And I didn’t let myself lose heart with what I heard.

It hurts for me to know that [what the doctor said] would be what’s going to happen to my life. I feel anxious. But on the other hand, God noticed me. As my brother said, “God’s way of noticing each of us is just different.”

If that was how God noticed me [begins to cry], then I will regard that as a treasure; though it hurts; though it’s terrible.

The 35 years that had passed, I won’t regret that; that’s over. If I indeed only have five years left of my life, I will give it to God. I don’t want to go back to my previous ways anymore.

Until now, I am strong because I believe in God, and I have faith. Whatever happens, if things will push through or not, I will be thankful to God for it.

I don’t have any ill feelings towards Him. What’s important is He noticed me. And I will enrich the little time that is left of me. I just hope that I will be forgiven of the things I’ve done.

Sometimes, when I see people while coming out of the hospital I say, “These people are lucky. They’re not sick.” But when I was alone at my house, I tried to talk to God. I tried to cleanse my heart first before I approached Him.

As Bro. Eli said in his preaching, I discovered that I was lucky after all. Because amidst my sickness, I found Him. And that is something I don’t regret.

I’m so happy today because I don’t have fears anymore, only for God. And that comforts me. Whenever I feel pain, whenever my sickness attacks, I always give thanks, because that’s the time that I hear in my mind: “I am already here. You’re the one who forgot. But I found you. It’s because you were gone for a long time.”

I thought I knew everything as I was from a convent. I know nothing; all the knowledge I have is just enough for a Bible quiz. I found out that true knowledge comes from God. No matter how high my grades were, I was found to be a fool before His eyes. The one who knows His teachings and does it is truly wiser.

On Being Baptized

It’s as if I were in heaven. I feel as if pain is of no consequence. I can’t explain it; I’m shaking. All my fears are gone away.

All my doubts, all the things I’ve done wrong rushed back to me, and I got ashamed of myself. It sent chills down my spine [recalling] what I did. I didn’t think that I was already like that.

I felt relieved [afterwards]. I have long kept that. I didn’t even want my parents to see that I was in pain. And it’s because I want them to be strong. I don’t want the time to come that when [I’m] gone, they will blame someone.

I always tell them, “We don’t have to blame anyone for what happened. Whatever this may be, God will not give us anything that is not good. All is good.”

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Actually, I can’t say anything about them, because ever since, there aren’t any other people that I know who are more patient than them.

I listen to them, and it seems that they don’t mind whatever threat comes to their lives, considering the seriousness of their words and the teachings they speak. They are really aided by the Spirit.

So all I ask for, should my life be shorter, I hope theirs will lengthen, because they are more needed by people like us who were lost.

For me this is okay: To be able to help in my little way. But they will be able to help others all the more greatly as their lives lengthen. I hope they will not tire in helping others. May they continue to be guided more by God.

[Bro. Stardy has chronic kidney disease.]

To God be the glory

MCGI Closes First Prayer Meet by PNoy, Proposes Nat’l Prayer Day

In the Malacañang Prayer Meeting on March 9, 2015 at the Malacañan Palace grounds, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) lead the closing prayer of the special gathering.

During the open forum with President Benigno Aquino III in the same event, MCGI also proposed a National Prayer Day for the country and its leaders.

Regional Servant Bro. Danilo Navales represented MCGI Overall Servants Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon in the said meeting. Members of the Coalition of Christian Movements and the cabinet of the President attended the event.

Luzon Regional Servant Bro. Danilo Navales shakes the hand of Pres. Aquino after his opening remarks in the  Prayer Meet on March 9, 2015 at the Malacañan Palace grounds. (Photo courtesy of Photoville International)
Luzon Regional Servant Bro. Danilo Navales shakes the hand of Pres. Aquino after his opening remarks in the Prayer Meet on March 9, 2015 at the Malacañan Palace grounds. (Photo courtesy of Photoville International)

“Despite feeling humbled, we are happy to be part of this undertaking,” said Bro. Danny in his remarks before the prayer. Bro. Navales also said that it is an honor to be part of a coalition that believes in the true spirit of Christianity and doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ.

President Aquino stressed his intention of strengthening unity among different sectors amidst trials and threats of political and economic instability in his opening remarks. Quoting Martin Luther King, he said:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

During the open forum, the president also gave an overview of what factually transpired in the Mamasapano incident on January 25, 2015. It will be remembered that despite criticisms and calls for resignation from both the political and religious realms, PNoy accepted responsibility of the unfortunate event:

“As President and Commander-in-Chief, the responsibility for any result, triumph, grief, or tragedy that we may experience in the attainment of security and peace lies on my shoulders,” stressed Aquino in Filipino.

National Day of Prayer Proposed

During the open forum, MCGI representative Bro. Diosdado Cobin asked the president about the possibility of a National Prayer Day.

“I think it’s possible,” said the president. However, the legalities of the proposition would have to be worked out considering the separation of church and state that the constitution states.

Pres. Aquino, affectionately called as PNoy by his constituents, gave an opening remarks as well as started an open forum on the January 25, 2015 Mamasapano incident. (Photo courtesy of Photoville International)
Pres. Aquino, affectionately called as PNoy by his constituents, gave an opening remarks as well as started an open forum on the January 25, 2015 Mamasapano incident. (Photo courtesy of Photoville International)

“The Executive Secretary is present, who is a lawyer, who is presently now [stet] drafting in his mind exactly how it will adhere to all the constitutional provisions,” PNoy added.

In the United States, an annual observance of the National Day of Prayer is held on the first Thursday of May designated by the United States Congress.

Understanding the value of prayer in people’s lives, MCGI launched community prayer schedules on media partner UNTV four times a day. In 2011, the Church opened a 24/7 online portal with an hourly prayer and songs of praise in between.

The Prayer Meet’s closing prayer led by the MCGI representative was dubbed by netizens as the “Prayer for Unity”, and included giving the father of the nation strength to lead the nation, and for all Filipinos to place the needs of others before one’s self.

“And we do believe that this undertaking can be the beginning of a mass effort for change, not only here in Metro Manila, but in the whole Philippines,” added Bro. Danny.

“We believe that peace is the key to progress. And this will bring justice for every Filipino.” — Pres. Aquino

(Written by Rigor Arellano)

Newly Baptized Testimonials: February 27, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on February 27, 2015 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Marvin Rellores, 30, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

I’m really just happy, and I want to learn the doctrines. I just watched him [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] on television, [then] someone invited me to the indoctrination sessions. [The doctrines] are really beautiful. I feel happy. I enjoyed [listening to them].

On Being Baptized

I feel clean; I feel cleansed. It’s like your doubts are gone.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Thank you Bro. Eli. I’m thankful because I was given an opportunity to be able to [learn the doctrines] in the Bible.

~ o ~

Bro. Carlos De Leña, 35, Former Bible Church International Member, Laguna Province

On Joining the Church of God

I’ve long been listening to Bro. Eli, since he was on Channel 21, if I’m not mistaken. I also listened on radio, though I didn’t know the schedule… His [preaching] is really true. Sometimes, when I [participate in discussions], I would speak the teachings I learned.

It was only recently when I got an eye operation that I got an opportunity [to pursue becoming a member]. I was able to rest for one month. God willing, I’ll be able to resume work on Monday.

On Being Baptized

It’s like I got rid of my problems. That’s why I hastened a brother, and said that I wanted [to be baptized] today if possible.

Actually, I was supposed to go back to my doctor today for the surgical stitches to be removed. But I said to myself, “This is the opportunity also given to me [to become a member].”

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

May he [Bro. Eliseo] live longer. I have not seen him personally though. His [teachings] are truly all from the Bible.

~ o ~

Bro. Antonio Jr. and Sis. Marivel Amata, 40 & 41, Former Catholics, Laguna Province

Bro. Antonio: For me, I first watched [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] on the Bible Exposition on TV. Since then, as I watch him, it’s like I was seeing the truth.

Sis. Marivel: At first, we knew this as Ang Dating Daan [The Old Path], and not the Church of God. But like Bro. Eli has explained, it is the Church of God, not The Old Path, because [the latter] is the name of the program on radio.

He [Bro. Antonio] was the first one who told me about it as he often watched on TV. But I was the first to be indoctrinated. I was just surprised one day when he said, “Perhaps, we really must change our [religion].” Since he’s also my husband, he’s the one that I should follow. I felt that it wouldn’t be well for me to get baptized without him.

I’ve attended many religions before, as I have friends [belonging to different groups]… Our last was in Muntinlupa; we were just searching. I told my husband, “Babe, why is it lke that?” Every prayer meeting, they hand out envelopes.”

Though you’re just a guest in a Bible study there in my friend’s [church], they would give you envelopes for you to put [money]. You would state there what that is for, your “seed faith,” your prayer, and like this, like that.

Also, there were tithes there. Of course for me, what if you didn’t have money to place there? It was embarrassing because we were only a few people there. Only about 10 people attended.

Bro. Antonio: She then wanted to attend mass again.

Sis. Marivel: I already wanted to praise… I wanted to praise God, but I just didn’t know how.

Bro. Antonio: There were times that we would argue, because we didn’t have any spiritual guidance. She wanted to return to Catholicism, but I said, “I don’t want to. If you wish, go back alone.”

Sis. Marivel: “Where should we worship now?” I asked. Until the time came that we frequented watching the Bible Exposition on TV. Bro. Daniel invited [to attend the Mass Indoctrination] in February. So we attended, and continued with it.

Bro. Antonio: Of course, we saw the goodness here. We also wanted to set our lives straight, based on what is written.

Sis. Marivel: That feeling you get when you have a question and it’s answered based on what’s written; that’s what we like. We also investigated others, and we realized that what they taught was really wrong.

Perhaps, the Lord also willed for us, giving us [a chance] to be called, like “This is it. Your search is over. This is it. You have to [join]. Come here.”

Bro. Antonio: Then, there was a time when we felt something was encouraging us with what [Bro. Eli] was saying. What he said regarding graven images, I felt fear [of God] that time. I said, “So it’s like this. Why do some people do it, when it’s a great sin against God?”

On Being Baptized

Bro. Antonio: For me, I felt like the heartaches I had in life are gone. It’s like, the weariness and difficulties and the sins I had, I believe they’re gone.

Also, there’s you’re faith in the Lord that you will give yourself, your whole heart, and ask for forgiveness; all the emotional baggage that you feel towards your parents, your other friends will go away.

Sis. Marivel: I cried because as the baptizer was asking me questions, I felt that the Holy Spirit went unto me. It felt so clean.

That feeling that you’re here, and you’re sorry for what you’ve done. As I answered “Yes,” I repented already of my sins.

As was said, you have to bury those, and remove the bitterness [from your heart]. There were times before that I was like that: I would say something, but it wasn’t true inside. But now, it’s not like that, ever since I heard…

There are things that I don’t like at times. Sometimes, in my anger towards someone, I couldn’t even say their name. But now, though I say their name, no bitterness is attached to it.

I hope, God willing, that we will be able to continue with this. That’s why we must really continue [listening] so that our hearts may be filled with the word of God. So that we may not do again the things that we know we’ll just be sorry for in the end.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Sis. Marivel: We are thankful that there are people like Bro. Eli [and Bro. Daniel] who lead people to what is really right.

Bro. Antonio: I hope Bro. Eli will continue to spread the word of God.

~ o ~

Sis. Lydia San Andres and Sis. Angelina Keyser, 51 & 54, Former Catholics, Bulacan Province

On Joining the Church of God

Sis. Lydia: Because I believe that what Bro. Eli is saying is the truth. Also, I read the Bible, and I believe it’s true.

Sis. Angelina: I saw that what he teaches is good. I really knew the Lord.

Sis. Lydia: [We listened] on television, on radio. We listened simultaneously as she is my neighbor.

Sis. Angelina: I would visit her house at times. She would read [the Bible] to me, and we would listen on radio.

Sis. Lydia: I have attended so many [religions]. I didn’t like the teachings of others. I like the preaching of Bro. Eli.

Sis. Angelina: The teaching here is better. That’s why it [settled] in our hearts and minds. It’s good.

Sis. Lydia: And he really reads it from the Bible.

On Being Baptized

Sis. Angelina: I feel light. It’s like I saw Christ in me.

Sis. Lydia: The same with her. It feels okay.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Sis. Lydia: I am delighted with Bro. Eli. Thinking about it, I feel like crying, because who are we for him to teach us like that? As I said, Bro. Eli is so kind. He teaches us the word of God, despite gaining nothing from us.

I would cry at times because I really read in the Bible that God gave each of us our own duties. Bro. Eli’s task is to preach, with courage, boldly. That’s not for himself. If you hearken to it, then thank [God], as you’re the one who’s going to be blessed, and not the preacher.

His status is okay already, preaching the good [word of God]. But for us who listen and obey [those words], it’s really a great thing. It’s for our own good.

In others, just give [money] and you’re okay. Here, it’s hard, but why do you still like it? Also, what’s good here is: When you join, you will really get rid of all vices. With others, you can still do them. Just attend; give if you wish. Here, it’s strict, but right. We won’t regret giving money because you see [what they do for] the brethren.

Sis. Angelina: Bro. Eli is so good. He’s good in preaching. I really like what he teaches: They go straight to the heart.

To God be the glory

Newly Baptized Testimonials: February 20, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on February 20, 2015 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Roderick Cruz, 31, Former Catholic, Bulacan Province

On Joining the Church of God

Depression came into my life last year. I lost everything.

I thought that the people I helped would become my support. It’s not that I was asking for return favors; I just thought that they would be my go-to in my time of need. But it didn’t turn out that way of course; they’re just men.

Almost every day, every night, every hour, I felt weak. I had depression; I felt like I wanted to commit suicide. That was [the time when] I was going to have my birthday on December 9. I was supposed to be a gonner then. Firstly, I was guilty of the sins I committed, and I also kind of neglected my family; though they were in a sense, supported. It’s just that, I lost everything.

I have long been coming here. It was in about 2003 when Bro. Joebeth invited me; he’s the husband of my wife’s uncle. He’s Bro. Joebeth Ola, the Church worker. But even before that, I’ve been listening already, since I was in high school.

However before, I was just really doing some half-hearted searching. Whatever good I hear, [I take it]; when I see something wrong, I look for another. It’s because I’m a “come what may” kind of person.

But that time, I was almost always tuned in to Bro. Eli, because I had no one else I could turn to that… I felt like I was hopeless; I had no one to guide me. It was only the words of God that gave me strength. I would watch on television, in my car, on the radio.

As I’ve said before, I lost everything: My job, my wealth, my loved ones; it was like that. So this is not a kind of decision in a sense. This is a calling perhaps.

I lost my job; I lost everything. I prayed that I would be given a chance. Then I had a project in Balintawak. So I talked to Bro. Joebeth and told him, “I want to attend the indoctrination sessions.”

They’re all true [the doctrines] actually. It’s just that we’re really [unmindful] in life. We’re just too… We just take [God’s word] for granted. As they say, “Something [trying] needs to happen first in your life before you understand.”

On Being Baptized

Now, I feel good. I feel light… Every time I think about it, I cry. I’m really sorry for everything I’ve done. Even as I was just going into the water, I was already crying, until I was baptized.

When I got out of the water, and this is not exaggeration, but I really felt light inside. All I want is, as I said to Him, “I want to serve.”

Actually, I want to be a Church worker, God willing. Of course, if He will entrust me with the responsibility as I was a former sinner, and in the eyes of people, someone worldly.

Though, I didn’t have any vices like smoking, drinking liquor; I didn’t have those. I didn’t gamble. It was only just womanizing that weakened me. I hope, I”ll be able to continue.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I’m thankful to him. Actually, I always thank him, but there’s just no way [for him to hear it]. I’m thankful for the explanation, because among the rest – from what I have seen – he’s the nearest to the truth. I can’t say among all because I don’t know everything. But he’s the closest. He’s one of a kind.


Sis. Flordelina Clavacio, 51, Former Catholic, NCR

On Joining the Church of God

He [points to husband] was the first to become a member. And then after three years, perhaps because of his constant praying, he really asked from the Lord that I became baptized. And I’ve been called by the Lord to become a member now.

I listened to the indoctrination sessions; I attended gatherings like Worship Services, Thanksigivngs, and such. That’s why I got encouraged to join, and because of the program of Bro. Eli on TV. From my listening, I saw that what Bro. Eli is saying is really right and true, because it’s really in the Bible.

On Being Baptized

I truly feel so clean today. I’m happy and I really feel cleansed.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that they will continue to be given more bodily strength and a clear mind that they may be able to spread to the whole world, to other people [the Gospel of the Lord], that they in turn may hear and understand it.

May they be given more health and longer lives that they may be able to encourage more to to join the Church, because it’s where the truth is.


Bro. Jonalyn Ruisan, 23, Former Korean Born Again Church Member, NCR

On Joining the Church of God

It’s because I want the wisdom that comes from God. This is the wisdom that He gave me. I want to serve Him and to worship only Him.

That’s what I always asked of Him before I went [to Manila]. I said to God, “I want wisdom, God.” I always prayed; I always carried my Bible with me. The Lord is really perfect because He brought me here.

This is the wisdom [I learned when] I joined the Church of God. This is [the calling that] I wanted to respond to, [something] that I also want to share to my parents.

Before I left, I shared [about the Bible] at home, because I believe in the Father in heaven. That’s the reason why I went here. Perhaps, the Lord also wished for me to be baptized.

I’ve never been baptized before in the [organizations] that I went to. So this is the chance for me to turn my back from all the sins I have left behind. The Lord said that there is [a chance] for us to change. This is what I wanted from Him.

I am thankful to God because this is the opportunity… He brought me here to approach Him again serve before His presence; every day and every night I [will] serve Him. I read the Bible at my aunt’s place. They would be asleep, but I would still be awake because I want to learn more…

My aunt Beth invited me [to a Church gathering], until I learned and got touched by what he [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] said. I felt happy and was crying with tears of joy. I can’t explain the joy I feel. I’m happy because … if you’re really true to yourself, you will feel the aches inside [go away].

On Being Baptized

When I was baptized, I felt so light. It was like I was floating, and all the hurt I felt inside are gone, like it’s back to zero.

You feel as if you’re starting again. That’s why I said, “I believe in You, Lord. I give you my whole heart and whole soul. I will serve You.”

This is the wisdom that I want. I can leave my parents, my siblings or anyone of my friends, my best friend; I left them that I may be able to serve Him now. I don’t want the wisdom I learned that [I received].

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that God will continue to use them in spreading [the word] that comes from the Father in heaven that we all may be able to believe the Lord God, the Highest.

I hope we may be able to continue and not lose this opportunity [given] by the Lord and Father, this chance that we may believe.

~ o ~

Sis. Angelina Sanchez, 54, Former Catholic, Bulacan Province

On Joining the Church of God

I wanted to prove something to myself.

My nephew invited me; he asked me if he could invite me [to a Church gathering]. I said, “Why not?” We live in Balagtas, and he went there. He’s from Parañaque, but he even went there to fetch me.

He said that we would just [listen] to the word of God, so I went with him. Then, I developed an interest in it, so I went with him again and again. I continued with it until I arrived at baptism.

On Being Baptized

I feel good. I feel light inside.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope they may continue their service unto the Lord. And I hope that they will be able to help many more people.

~ o ~

Bro. Rolando Arellano, 60, Former Catholic, Bulacan Province

On Joining the Church of God

Ka Erning and I are friends. I was a former member of the Knights of Columbus.

Now, Bro. Erning visited me one time and [invited me] to listen to a Bible Study; I listened. Until one day, I was also invited to the locale to hear the teachings of God.

They were very nice. The explanations were really well, very clear.

On Being Baptized

I feel unburdened inside, and I feel [peaceful] in my mind and in my heart. You will really feel it if something has changed in you.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that their service to people will be longer that they may be able to lead many more people unto salvation.

They are instruments of the Lord. Actually, I listen [to The Old Path] on TV nightly. I would fall sleep listening, and my wife would turn it off. When I wake up the next day, I would just see that it’s already turned off. I always tune in to it. After getting exhausted from watching basketball and boxing, I watch it.

~ o ~

Sis. Maria Elena Macatantan, 55, Former Freelancer, Pampanga Province

On Joining the Church of God

A long time has already passed, but it’s only now that I’ve been called, [rather] it’s only now that I have heeded to it.

It has been a long time since [God was calling me]. Now, I finally answered; it really has been long overdue.

I used to smoke, and didn’t wear skirts; I didn’t know how to wear skirts. I wore jeans and was boyish. I didn’t fashion wearing skirts even in college. And also, smoking was a habit.


I’ve been listening for a long time as my sister is already a member. My mother and brother are also members. I was the only one left out as I was in Antipolo. Whenever Bro. Eli speaks, “Your heart is hard. You’ve been listening for ten years now,” [I feel that he’s speaking to me].

Our mother is already 99 years old. I was still in Antipolo then, when my sister who takes care of her got sick. Since my mother’s birthday was on February 16, she wished that I would come. Of course, since nobody was there to take care of her, I took the liberty of doing the task. I’ve been here [Pampanga] since December 31st, and have stayed here for quite a long time now.

I’ve been here [ADD Convention Center] before. She [her sister] brought me to a Bible Exposition. I was able to ask a question directly to Bro. Eli even before. It was a long time ago, about 2002 perhaps because Bro. Eli was still here.

On Being Baptized

I’m happy and I feel light. Also, I feel as if I became more beautiful. It’s as if I’m very pretty.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Bro. Eli, this is it, finally. Finally, Bro. Eli, I’m in the Church. I won’t get offended anymore with what you say about those who take too long a time to join, having hard hearts. With Bro. Eli, he speaks for all. Now, this is it; I’m here. Welcome me [laughs]. Thanks be to God.


Sis. Priscilla Payumo, 70, Angeles City, Former Assemblies of God Member

On Joining the Church of God

Actually, my husband has been baptized for a year now. We were indoctrinated together, but I decided to not get baptized then because I wanted to be certain of myself first.

There were many things that I couldn’t leave behind. I cursed a lot at working people; I was hotheaded. I didn’t want to be belittled; if they’re rich, I can also eat what they’re eating. If they will brag, I will brag the more. But now my belief in life is, as the verse said: Love your enemy. So now, those things are gone.

Also before, whenever I went to the hospital and see a sick person, I would say, “Oh, he’s going to die already.” But now, I feel different when I see someone sick. Different. It’s like I feel love towards my fellow. I would say, “Lord, please heal them.”

I seem to have also developed a sense of trust in others, because I didn’t want to trust strangers [before].


Now, I try to push myself [forward], especially that I’m already baptized. I don’t want to go back to my former ways. Before, I couldn’t resist wearing lipstick and eye shadow.

I always had eye shadow on. I would apply black eye shadow to the lining of my eye so that it would look deeper. Now, I don’t anymore. My eyebrows are even tattooed. But I scrape it off to erase it.

I don’t anymore wear lipstick. And since I’m used to wearing lipstick, what I do now is apply [lip balm] so my lips won’t dry.

Now, my husband is very happy. He didn’t know that I was getting indoctrinated [at first]; I surprised him. I only told him about it during the sixth indoctrination session. He called right at the moment that [I] was in the locale. I told him, “I’m here getting indoctrinated.” He was elated.

But he was the more so happy today. “My joy has tripled,” he said. “Now, we can get married in the Church,” he told. My husband is already old. He even underwent a mild stroke.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I’m thankful to God, and for the messages of Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel. It’s like I didn’t know so many things before, and that my eyes were opened, my mind, enlightened. So praise God and thanks also to Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel.


Sis. Wenifreda Peralta, 45, Former Catholic, Tarlac Province

On Joining the Church of God

Because it’s here where I saw the unique teachings that I did not hear from other religions.

I entered many [religions]. When I was 14 years old, during high school, I entered a Born Again group. When I already had a child, about 21 years old, I became a Baptist, and then returned to being a Catholic. It’s like I wasn’t content. I couldn’t find anything [to satisfy me]. I didn’t know what was true.

Then Sister Blanca invited me to her [church]. I asked her, “What do you do there, because I feel that something’s lacking in me.” Then, she said, “We have thanksgiving, and it’s like this. If you want, you can [attend]; you can listen.”

I replied, “I want the word of God. I just want to hear something because I feel that I’m not content, because my life is messed up.” She invited me one time. After that, I continued with it nightly, and I went straight into indoctrination.

Then I thought, I think it [following the doctrines] will be difficult. But Bro. Eli said, nothing is hard [for those who love God]. I was having second thoughts earlier, but he said, “We can rely on the word of God that He will not forsake us.” So I didn’t have cold feet anymore.

I didn’t listen to Bro. Eli before; I didn’t even know him as I was busy. All I attended to before was just going to the market, [selling] vegetables. All I minded was vegetables.

But I knew the words of God, from what I learned from the Baptist. However, it’s like I wasn’t content, like something was always missing in my life. I didn’t know; I couldn’t anymore understand what I was hearing [there].

On Being Baptized

When I went to the baptistery, I said to Him, “If I won’t be forgiven, please make a way for me not to be able to go into the water.” My feet even felt numb, and I said, “Please make a way.” I didn’t know what to do, whether I would have more sins or not.

With God’s mercy, until I went into the water, I was really crying; I couldn’t help myself. The Lord gave me an opportunity. I felt that following God is difficult; there’s always a hindrance.

[But] after I got out of the water, it’s like I felt so very light. So I said, “I was forgiven by the Lord.” Even when I was still young, I’ve already undergone trials that I wasn’t able to overcome; perhaps, I was really overtaken by them. I could say that because I wasn’t able to perform my duties properly.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Bro. Eli, many, many thanks unto God. Because of you, I found [the truth] and was enlightened. I heard the words of God that have really gone into my heart. Many, many thanks especially to You oh Lord.

May the ministry be blessed that many more people will be able to know the truth. Thanks be to God exceedingly.

To God be the glory!