Newly Baptized Testimonials: February 13, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on February 13, 2015 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Kevin and Sis. Jaisel Medina, 24 & 23, Former Catholics, Pampanga Province

On Joining the Church of God

Sis. Jaisel: So that I may know the true Church of God. There are many differences [with our previous religion], many things that we thought to be right, but were wrong.

Bro. Kevin: Our reason is because there are many things that Catholics do that are wrong. That’s why we joined. The errors that we committed, we want to set right with God’s help.

Sis. Jaisel: Our boss is a brother in faith. We just watched him [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] on Youtube, as he listens to the [preaching] of Bro. Eli. That time, it’s as if there was someone who called us. It was my first time to listen to Bro. Eli, about last December only.

I was able to listen because my boss was listening to him. But even before, I’ve heard about him as my aunt is already a member here. That’s why they were surprised that we joined [here]. We were just new at work then. Whenever my husband retrieved me from work, he would be able to listen to.

On Being Baptized

Sis. Jaisel: I feel happy and light. It feels like no other because I’ve been forgiven of my sins. They’re gone.

Bro. Kevin: Like what she said.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Sis. Jaisel: Many, many thanks to them because they were used as instruments by God for us to hear the true doctrines of God.

Bro. Kevin: The same goes for me. [smiles]


Sis. Cherry Ann Paculbe, 19, Former Catholic, Pampanga Province

On Joining the Church of God

At first, I really didn’t like the way they [the MCGI women] dressed; it seemed funny to me.

But then, through my older sister’s constant listening [to Bro. Eliseo Soriano], it’s like my mind got enlightened, and I listened as well.

It’s like I opened up to the idea and asked myself “Why don’t I listen?” Also, their lives changed. I just listened, and I knew that this is really [the one with] the true doctrines.

Her attitude became different. She was so outgoing before but now she just stays at home. She’s also mild mannered when she speaks. Before, she was always angry. Now, so many things have changed in her, as well as in her husband.

On Being Baptized

I feel so light, and my mind was enlightened.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

The same with her [points to Sis. Jaisel and smiles].


Sis. Erlynn Trinidad, 40, Former Baptist, Pangasinan Province

On Joining the Church of God

chThis is where we learned true salvation. Then, what Bro. Eli teaches is really in the Bible.

We just watched on television, for almost a year now. Then, Bro. Jimmy invited us, so we went to the locale and got indoctrinated.

On Being Baptized

I’m happy, because at least, I’ve been accepted.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope he continues to pursue good works, and that he may be stronger to face all trials.


Bro. Gonzalo Bautista, 65, Former Baptist, Pangasinan Province

On Joining the Church of God

All the members of our family that time were Baptists. But it wasn’t good. It’s not in [the Bible]. It’s unlike when I heard Bro. Eli, I really… Only, we didn’t see him [on television] for a long time. Also, we had just became Baptists then, so I wasn’t [that serious] in listening, so that didn’t push through.

In the month of November [2014], we were watching news in the morning [on UNTV]. It just so happened that I saw Bro. Eli. I told my wife, “Bro. Eli is on again.”

Now, in perfect timing, when I was at my in-laws in Mabini, Bro. Jimmy happened to be there as well; he was selling medicine at my in-law’s canteen. He was surprised to see me too and asked, “Brother, why are you here?” I told him, “She’s my in-law. How about you?”

Then I told him that [I was listening] to Bro. Eli and he told me to just continue. As I reflected about it, I said to myself, “Perhaps this is [God’s calling] upon me already.” So I pursued it.

I was able to bring my grandchildren there [to the locale]. The eldest of them actually wanted to be also baptized today, but he’s just 13 years old. I’m the one who takes my grandchildren to school.

Actually, I don’t allow for people to drink liquor in our place, because I don’t want them to see that. I’ve already seen that in our place, at a time when my [children] were still very young. They would let them [taste liquor]. Now, that they’re adults, they’re drunkards. Well, I just told that side story. But I pray that the day may come that they will be called, as I have.

On Being Baptized

I feel really cleansed. Of course, in my age of 65 years old, I’ve already done many things that are… things that we didn’t know yet [to be prohibited]. I hope that I will always be [clean], because we have an enemy, and it’s hard to fight him.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that he will be in better health, the same with Bro. Daniel. He’s really the one [who preaches] the right way that I have seen to be able to save the soul of every man. In this time, he is different from all other preachers. And I say this without hypocrisy, this is from my heart. That’s why I came here, and got baptized.

To God be the glory!

Newly Baptized Testimonials: February 6, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on February 6, 2015 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Jose Mariano Roa Jr., 73, Former Catholic, Pampanga Province

On Joining the Church of God

Bro. Eli was still on Channel 13 then. Whenever I watched on TV, I would turn the dial and pass by Channel 13. I’d stop to listen for a few seconds or minutes; then, change the channel.

Actually, I was still quite irritated with Bro. Eli back then because he attacks all the religions I hear about. I was Catholic, of course; I didn’t know the truth, so I became angry.

Still, that went on. Everyday, I would pass by the channel, and stop for a few moments to listen. I didn’t know that what I was listening to was going straight to my heart.

Even on radio, I would stay up late in listening. I would come home early. His time was at 9 o’ clock, so before 9 p.m. I would be home already. It was on radio then, and not on the television. I would fall asleep to his preaching, until His words sprang in my heart.

I have attended many gatherings before, but I didn’t feel any blessing from Him. I still felt the same; the vices were there in other religions.

I would be invited by my friends, by my fellow Catholics and they would share the word of God. I would attend, but then my attitude was unchanged.

Until the time came, to cut it short, that I was searching – as it was the wish of my heart – for a true church that I would join. Until I found this guy [points to a brother-in-faith].

He visited our house, exchanged regards, until he invited me here. When I did, I had… I felt blessed. Even though I wasn’t a member yet then, I already felt blessed.

On Being Baptized

I saw the brethren here; I saw the love. Also, I heard the words of God that are in the Bible. So I hope that on this day I became baptized, may the Lord have mercy on me, that I may continue in this.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I am thankful that God used Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel. Thank you.


Bro. Vergilio Ognita, 44, Former Catholic, Nueva Ecija Province

On Joining the Church of God

I’ve heard almost everyone who preaches. What Bro. Eli says, I can also read in the Bible.

With other preachers, I’ve heard them all. Almost all of them are [the same]. But with him, you will really read everything [in the Bible]. That’s what encouraged me, so I got encouraged.

On Being Baptized

I felt somehow light, as if a thorn has been pulled from my chest.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I’m thankful to them. Because of their help, I’m here and a member of ADD [the Church of God International].


Bro. Verlito Agustin, 39, Former Muslim, Cavite Province

On Joining the Church of God

I got converted to Muslim when I was in the Middle East. I worked there from 2005 to 2013; that’s how long…

Actually, with Bro. Eli, I was still studying then. As early as 1997 I was already listening to him on radio. The line of questioning [of people] back then were more on the personal issues or personal problems, and Bro. Eli would read the answer in the Bible.

Those were very enlightening explanations. He would explain about how we could face life through the word of God. That’s when I started.

I’ve already been staying here [in the Philippines] for two years before I got to listen [again]. But this January he had an invitation on TV, and it’s like I couldn’t say no to it. It’s like something was urging me. “I’ll visit it,” I told myself.

“Since I’ve been watching Bro. Eli for a long time, and I’m amazed by him,” I said. I have a testament that encouraged me: What he exposed on TV that’s like a rock [the Moabite Stone], where the name of God was found. I think it was since 3,000 years ago. And that’s where the name of God was really written.

On Being Baptized

What Bro. Eli said was right that when you get immersed in the water… it’s like you were immersed in darkness; it’s like you were from nothingness, and suddenly emerged again in truth.

Also, there’s that feeling, as what Bro. Eli said, that the Holy Spirit will be sent you. Because like what he told, we cannot do it on our own as we are weak. We need something that we cannot see; something spiritual. Even if we don’t believe it, we will feel that it’s there, and ready to help.

The feeling I felt earlier was different. I haven’t experienced it before. I was baptized in Catholicism. But now I’m baptized as a brother in the Church of God. The difference is great.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that Bro. Eli will [continue to be healthy], because he will be able to help many more people. Help, not in the medical sense, like those who are sick. The necessities of the body are easy to attend to. What’s hard are the needs of the soul. Bro. Eli responds to the needs of the soul, which is worth unlike any other.

What he went through was heavy, difficult. Actually when I was still listening on radio, those belonging in other religions have done him all sorts of malice. And I was a witness to that.

Like in the Bible, it’s like they were trying to stop him. But he continued in fighting. And I believe that he is being accompanied by the Holy Spirit that he may be able to go on.

In fact, he’s already old now. And one of those who used to challenge him before is now passed away. It means, in my humble opinion only, that his life is being extended that many more may be enlightened.

The problem of people is that they need someone to explain things. If they will be able to hear the explanations, they’ll be enlightened. That’s just what I see.

I hope that Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, God willing, will be able to continue the works that they do.


Bro. Juan Pascual, 54 Former Catholic, Cavite Province

On Joining the Church of God

I have long been listening to various religious programs on TV. As I listened, I was able to compare them from what they said to what their members are doing.

Another thing that [convinced] me was what Bro. [Eli] said, that we’re like inside a well, and all we see are the walls within. “Get out of the well, that you may see how wide the world or the sky is.” That’s when I concentrated on listening to him.

Then, I saw that what he says really has sense and good meaning that isn’t in other religions, like us before in Catholicism. When I hadn’t heard him before, I told myself, “Here is where my relatives, my loved ones are, so here’s where we’ll stay.”

But I realized that it’s not supposed to be like that. Of course, in myself, I already heard the good examples and I want to bring them here, that I’ll be the one to initiate it.

I know however that it’ll be really difficult to [make them leave] Catholicism. But as was said, though I may not be able to persuade them by words, then I’ll be a good example. They need to see in me that, “Oh, he’s like this already.” Though, I wasn’t a drunkard nor smoked, nor was in vices even then. Only, I was hot-headed.

Actually, I should’ve been a member before, but I told myself, “I should fix myself up first, so that it won’t be embarrassing. If I’ll be there and my attitude is still the same, they’ll see no change in me, as if nothing happened.” But I couldn’t do it on my own.

On Being Baptized

I was ready. I already knew what happened, so I just felt calm really. No hesitations. That was all that I was thinking. My mind was already in what’s going to happen.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope that… I heard [of news] that he was old already. I told myself, “I need to become a member during his time.” So when I came home, as I was an OFW [Overseas Filipino Worker], I told my wife that I’ll… as my wife knows.

My wife wants me to become a member as well because of adultery. That’s the first concern my wife had. Of course, though I can say that I won’t commit that, it’s like she will feel more at ease if I will become a member here, because she knows [that people change here]. Perhaps before, her trust [in me] ranges from 60% to 70%. Now it’s about 90% to 95%.

I hope that he will have a longer life that he may be able to lead many more like me, like my family. I also want for them to hear or to know the truth. The same with Bro. Razon.

I hope that this organization will become stronger. For us, I hope we will be able to do our part.

To God be the glory

Bro. Eli: Pain is Essential in Life to Make People Stronger

An MCGI Locale Choir singing in Brgy. Putatan in Muntinlupa City, Philippines for the Worldwide Bible Exposition of February 6, 2015. They sing simultaneously with other MCGI choirs in different parts of the globe connected via satellite and the Internet. (Photo courtesy of Photoville International)
An MCGI Locale Choir singing in Brgy. Putatan in Muntinlupa City, Philippines for the Worldwide Bible Exposition of February 6, 2015. They sing simultaneously with other MCGI choirs in different parts of the globe connected via satellite and the Internet. (Photo courtesy of Photoville International)

Why do people need to experience physical and spiritual pain before knowing God?

To the question by one of the inquirers during the recent Worldwide Bible Exposition, Bro. Eli Soriano explained that just as pain is a part of life, it plays a vital role in a person’s life.

The multi-awarded Ang Dating Daan radio-television show host told the inquirer from Singapore, Ms. Baby Morales, that pain is very important in the life of a person. “It’s part of life. [Thus] pain signifies life.”

Using as example what people with diabetes feel in relation to pain, Bro. Eli explained that a diabetic person’s nerve endings have been destroyed by high sugar levels in their blood, incapacitating their feeling of pain.

Why God Allows Pain

Reading Ecclesiastes 3:10, Bro. Eli explained why God allows His children to suffer pain. The verse reads —

I have seen the travail, which God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised in it.

The international televangelist further added: “When you get used to difficulties, you’ll be able to bear them.”

Bro. Eli also cited passages from the acclaimed Filipino bard Francisco “Balagtas” Baltazar, who said that people raised up in pleasures are usually barren or wanting.

Balagtas wrote:

Ang laki sa layaw karaniwa’y hubad

Sa bait at muni’t sa hatol ay salat

Masaklap na bunga ng maling paglingap

Habag ng magulang sa irog na anak

[He who grew up in pleasures is usually wanting

In sense, in reflection, in judgment lacking

A bitter fruit of wayward caring,

(And) compassion of a parent to his beloved offspring]

Those who grew up in difficulties, however, have hope, and cited Lamentations 3:27-32. The Overall Servant of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) said that his experience making a living at an early age can attest to the advantages of growing up in adversity.

There are those who commit suicide for experiencing just a little hardship in life. The Old Path host said these people are the ones accustomed to revelings and luxuries. So when hardship comes and pain becomes unbearable, suicide seems to be the only solution to end their sufferings.

In an article published by, “10 Countries With the Highest Suicide Rates in the World” (September of 2014), it mentioned a study by the World Health Organization that estimates that one person commits suicide every 40 seconds.

“It’s [thus] better that we feel pain and suffering. We need it to make us stronger, to develop resistance against all sorts of things that may come in our lives,” stressed Bro. Eli.

He pointed out that it is a reason why God allows people to experience both physical and spiritual pains. “The pain of the heart strengthens the heart. Pains and afflictions can edify conviction.”

The Worldwide Bible Exposition of the Members Church of God International is hosted by Bro. Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon, where its guests can ask the MCGI Overall Servants any question about faith live and for free.

During the event, more than 1,360 monitoring centers in the Philippines and abroad participate via Internet and satellite, along with MCGI’s Mobile Coordinating Centers.

For more information about MCGI’s upcoming events, please see MCGI’s online calendar, or email us at

Source: 10 Countries with the Biggest Suicide Rates in the World

(Written by Rigor Arellano)

MCGI, Bible Readers’ Group Join PBS Fun Run to Mark Bible Month Celebration

Bro. Dino Hilario as well as other Church workers and youth members line up in the starting point of the Fun Run. (Photo courtesy of PVI)
Bro. Dino Hilario as well as other Church workers and youth members line up in the starting point of the Fun Run. (Photo courtesy of PVI)

Marikina, Philippines – The Members Church of God International (MCGI) sprang and raced with the participants of the recently held Fun Run event organized by the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) to mark the National Bible Month celebration in the country.

The Fun Run was held last January 24, 2015 at the  Marikina Riverbanks Area.

Nearly 500 individuals registered and joined the fun run, whose bulk were the youth members of the MCGI and the Bible Readers Society International (BREAD Society), a non-sectarian socio-civic interschool organization.

The PBS’ Fun Run event was held to promote readership of the Holy Bible to all.

“The goal of this event is to give out free Bibles to the public, because nowadays, disbelief in God is brought about by not reading the Bible,” said Bro. Dino Hilario, who is the incumbent BREAD Society Officer-In-Charge. “That is why we thank the MCGI, Bread Society and PBS for spearheading this campaign to spread the word of God.”

In celebration of the National Bible Month in January, PBS has called upon various religious denominations and organizations to each conduct fun runs in an effort to raise funds for production of nearly five million Bibles to be given away for free.

One of the fun run’s participants Andrew Saludes, who is a 17-year-old Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) Chapter, said it was his first time to join such event. “Glad I did because it’s for a good cause.”

Aside from funding the production of free Bibles, the proceeds of the Fun Run will go to the upcoming Bible Racks project of the BREAD Society, in cooperation with MCGI and UNTV.

The Bible Racks project will make available Bibles, educational materials such as The Blog magazine of Bro. Eli Soriano, as well as the Magandang Balita (Good News) newspapers to the public.

The free Bibles will be distributed in prominent establishments across Metro Manila this quarter of 2015.

(Written by Yanna Faye Ferrera)

Newly Baptized Testimonials: January 30, 2015

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest brethren baptized on January 30, 2015 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga.

Bro. Flor Kenneth Resujento, 24, Former Catholic, Manila

On Joining the Church of God

The reason, of course, is we all have our own responsibilities before God. So we must seek the truth; we must find where righteousness is.

You have to investigate all religions first to know whether which one is really of God. After you have compared them, you will know which one is true among them.

God will help you and make you feel in your heart what’s right. In these times however, you need to be careful because there will be many false prophets. So you really need to fulfill your duty as a creation of God.

It has been a long time since I was able to listen [to The Old Path], around 2002 when I got to watch on television. They had the program Ang Dating Daan.

On Being Baptized

It’s the day I’ve long been waiting for as it’s the first step that I’ve really been asking from Him: I’m going to ask for forgiveness; I’m going to serve truly.

So I feel happy inside because the Holy Spirit will correct all the wrong things I’ve done that I may return to Him completely.

Actually, I’ve wanted long ago to be indoctrinated. But I wanted to be sure first that I was really sorry of the sins I committed, and not just get indoctrinated and then turn again to your evil ways.

You must really be sure that you’re going to serve, because you will only get baptized once in the right religion. If you will repeat that, you don’t anymore have that baptism. You won’t get saved should that happen.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

My message to Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel is that I’m thankful that God used them to fulfill the duty from the Lord to spread unto all nations all the teachings and doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So to those who are investigating, may they search for the truth. May they not waste their lives on other things. They need to find what’s the most important of all – to serve God – and seek the righteousness of God.


Bro. Reynaldo Rojino, 45, Former Catholic, Bulacan Province

On Joining the Church of God

Firstly, I have learned a lot of wrong things about what I thought to be right in my former religion. And according to my investigation, everything here is right and is written [in the Bible], has basis.

The other things I have also learned from watching, listening to Bro. Eli. I will never see a preacher like him in our time. You really can’t compare anyone else who will speak the truth, be it pleasant or not.

It’s unlike hypocritical religions now who will only speak pleasant things, especially those that will favor them and the religion they belong to despite being wrong that their membership may increase, even if it’s just hypocrisy.

Bro. Eli isn’t like that. He really says, “It’s like this,” frankly. That’s what I liked about him, his being frank, and everything is written, and has heart.


I could say that I discovered him. I just felt it. Discovering is different from feeling that this person – upon my listening and watching him – is different; he preaches differently. There was a spirit that [encouraged] me.

Actually, I’ve been listening since the 1990s. And in that long period of listening to him, I learned about what he says, “having a hard heart.” I told myself, “I think he’s referring to me,” until many times passed by.

I should’ve been baptized in the Year 2000, but the problem was, I found out, there really are many demons. I was fond of vices.

In the end though, my smoking, my gambling, my drinking gradually ceased because of my listening and watching [Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path].


Also, I have been with many… I said, “I will make friends with [members] … What’s in here?” Then I had an elderly friend named Roberto.

You see one time I was caught in a tight situation; I had no place to sleep in Manila as I’m from Bulacan. Someone invited me to the Transient Home [in Caloocan].

I had no money then, and I felt indebted to them. I told myself, “I will return the favor one day as I am indebted to Ang Dating Daan [The Old Path].” I still called it The Old Path then, and not Church of God.

I was able to sleep there, and I said, “I feel a great amount of debt here.” Imagine, I was three days there, and another time came that I was there. I said, “The people here are really nice.” You will really be taken cared of well.

There was a brother there; now, he’s my brother as well as I am now a member. I’ve been searching for him. He gave me money; he just said he was Bro. Roberto. He is already old, and kind. He was the one that opened the door for me to continue [becoming a member here].

On Being Baptized

I feel light inside, as if I’m a new person. I’m really happy, unlike before. It’s only now that I feel like smiling. Before, I always seemed haggard, like I was weary.

Now, I’m happy like “Thank You my God.” It’s not like before that within me, on my mind were only gambling, womanizing, drinking. That’s where my life revolved around. Now the only vice I have is food, the word of God, and of course, literal food.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope their lives will be longer, and may they be able to continue. I’m really very thankful that we had here in the Philippines someone like you who is different and true.

You’re unlike any other who is frank and says it all, be it good or bad… Unlike in other religions wherein they will also say what’s good, what’s favorable for their religion, all hypocrisy. They don’t want what’s painful. But that’s what can heal. You feel pain for you to be edified.


Bro. John Manliclic and Shiela Singh, 28 & 26, Former Catholics, NCR

On Joining the Church of God

Bro. John: We wanted to know the true word of God. We already want to do what He commands, what He wills.

Sis. Shiela: That’s also what I’m going to say. For me, this is the right one.

My relatives just told me about this. However they aren’t members yet, but they listen. So we listened as well.

Bro. John: We talked about it. “Let’s turn back unto the Lord.” We actually listened for a long time.

Sis. Shiela: When I was still in high school, my grandmother listened nightly, so I was also able to listen. Even when she was asleep, the television would be loud. Even if her eyes were closed, the TV could not be turned off as she is going to listen.

On Being Baptized

Bro. John: I’m happy as I’m leading a new life because all your sins have been forgiven and the Lord has accepted you. It’s delightful.

Sis. Shiela: The feeling is different. It’s hard to explain what happened.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

Bro. John: May the Lord always guide the service that you do to people. I hope that you will be able to encourage people to change, to obey the commandments of the Lord. May God bless you.


Sis. Sarah Jane Sababan, 24, Former Catholic, NCR

On Joining the Church of God

I felt that it was time for me to become a member already. That’s what I felt.

I was only able to listen through my husband last year. It was continuously, until this time now that I felt that it was time already.

On Being Baptized

It feels good, like all my surroundings were bright. I feel light also, as if all my worries and things like that disappeared.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

May they continuously give teachings from God, pleasant doctrines and good works. May they have good health.


Bro. Galo Albatera, 31, Former Catholic, NCR

On Joining the Church of God

Before I have already been fond of listening about religious matters, until I was able to watch Bro. Eli on television. That’s when I got encouraged.

On Being Baptized

With the Lord God’s mercy, I feel light inside. I feel my worries about life have changed, unlike before.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

I hope they will continue… I hope that they will be given longer lives by the Great Lord. I hope that many more souls will be saved, will be given opportunities [to be saved].


Bro. Juanito “John” Mopon, 74, Former Born Again, Cavite Province

On Joining the Church of God

I found the Church of God; it is perfect in the Bible as the Bible says it.

In my former religion in the Born Again, obeying is not much emphasized. Many teachings aren’t taught there. Others pastors are really for the money, but here it’s not. It’s you who will decide [what amount to give].

Since you are already cleansed from sins, you’re free; thanks be to God. And that is well explained here, especially when it comes to baptism. But in others, it is not so.

On Being Baptized

This is my third baptism, and probably the last, and here’s where I’ll stay. The teaching is good; it’s truthful.

I felt good after I got out of the water. As was said, “new creation.” Everything was forgotten; all was included in Jesus’ death.

In my family, all of us our Born Again members, down to my grandchildren. I’m the last to be a [Born Again member]. But now my [hope] is that I may bring them unto the true church.

My message to others is to just seek the truth, and the truth will set you free as was said.

On Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon

For Bro. Eli, I am thankful that he be given more strength and more wisdom, and also protection. Just continue. As what I got from what he says to some asking in Bible Expositions, “Brother, you are already old. It’s time you find the truth.”

Just continue the good work, because your work is really that you are really being anointed by our God. That’s all. Same with Bro. Daniel, to continue doing what they do now, helping other people no matter who they may be.

To God be the glory