MCGI Sends Workers to Aid in Global Propagation Effort in South America

In response to the growing number of MCGI members in South America, Bro. Daniel Razon announced that 40 workers will be deployed to different countries during a Thanksgiving service in August 2013.
Bro. Daniel Razon in a Thanksgiving service in August 2013 announced that 40 workers will be deployed to different countries in response to growing number of MCGI members in South America.

The Members Church of God International (MCGI) will deploy 40 workers to western soil in response to the growing Church population in South American countries.

Bro. Daniel Razon, Vice-Presiding Minister to MCGI, stressed during one Thanksgiving service how Church Workers are urgently needed abroad.  “The satellite providers that we use are reaching key points worldwide and from there, we constantly get feedbacks. With this great demand, Bro. Eli is very adamant in sending workers to the foreign shores,” explained Bro. Razon.

“The need for workers and the need to send them off [to different countries] are inevitable,” said Bro. Daniel in the vernacular during the same occasion.

The intensified broadcast efforts in foreign shores were initiated in 2009 when MCGI started its 24-hour broadcast of its flagship program, The Old Path in South American countries through the launch of the Church’s own broadcast channel, TV Verdade.

Currently, the religious program is being aired in English, Spanish (El Camino Antiguo) and Portuguese (O’ Caminho Antigo) to cater to the languages spoken in the North and South Americas.

The Church, through the leadership of Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano, continues to put up nationwide broadcasts in the local television stations of Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, and Brazil to bring the  Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to more households.

To further reach those in the far corners of the globe, MCGI has also utilized both satellite and Internet technologies to reach more souls. Through its official websites and live streaming platforms, Western people are getting a taste of the MCGI doctrines written in the Bible that were first preached in the East.

A Portuguese-speaking crowd in delight during one of Bro. Eli Soriano's Bible Expositions in South America this year.
Bro. Eli Soriano amidst a Portuguese-speaking crowd in one of his Bible Expositions in South America this year.

All these propagation efforts, coupled with the weekly services and Bible Expositions hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon in Spanish and Portuguese, contribute to the continued rise of the number of brethren in the West.

On a daily basis, the Church receives hundreds of emails and calls from non-members asking where the nearest coordinating center is in their country, and when they can be indoctrinated.

Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel constantly give open invitations to the brethren, especially those in the Youth Ministry and those who are knowledgeable of foreign languages, to join the Workers Ministry in preaching the Gospel.

“Come forward brethren, and let us work hand in hand for us to reach our fellowmen worldwide,” stressed Bro. Razon.

(Words by Emmy Borromeo)

(Photos by Rovic Balunsay and Aaron Romero, respectively, of PVI)

Newly Baptized Testimonials: July 26, 2013

Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s newly baptized brethren on July 26, 2013.

Bro. Bing Teves, 51, Former Catholic, Cavite Province

On Being Baptized
I’ve been listening since 2000 or 2002, but it’s only now that I took it seriously and continued with the baptism. Actually, my wife and daughter are already members. I feel happy.

On MCGI Leaders
For me, may God give them longer lives that they may help more souls who are lost, that they may help many more people, not only spiritually but also with their other needs.


Bro. Ronald Lerio, 17, Former Iglesia ni Cristo, NCR

On Being Baptized
I feel alive. It’s like I’ve left the sins I’ve done before, and now I’m new. I will now avoid to do things that are not in accordance with God’s will.

My friend here [pointing to a brother in faith] told me to listen to Bro. Eli, to watch Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) on television.

On MCGI Leaders
My message to Bro. Eli is that may he be able to help many more people, and save many more souls who are in other religions. May he still be able to lead them.


Bro. Jaime Salva, 64, Former Fourth Watch, Rizal Province

On Being Baptized
My tongue can’t utter what I feel in my heart. It’s hard to explain; this happiness I feel is hard to explain. I can’t explain the happiness I feel since I’ve been baptized in the true Church of God. I really can’t.

I’m really sorry that I only found the Church of God now. I’m old, and yet I only found it now. I’ve wasted a long time in serving in a wrong church. That’s why God willing, if I will be given permission, Starting now, I will dedicated myself in serving Him, in being an instrument.

If Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel will also permit, I’m ready to undergo Bible Schooling. I will dedicated my life because I really regret the time that has passed; I really wasted my life.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli, I know that you are the true sent and prophet of God in these last days because everything you teach can be read in the Holy Scriptures; no more, no less. What you read, what you hear, that’s what you say, without adding anything.

It’s like a cleansing product that’s a 100% pure; it’s effective. Bro. Eli, may you be blessed by the Lord. May he give you a longer life, together with Bro. Daniel, Sis. Luz and your fellow workers, and the whole Church of God. May we have blessings from God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Bro. Catalino Cultivo, 63, Former Iglesia ni Cristo, Rizal Province

On Being Baptized
Since I was able to listen on radio, I listened to it till the wee hours just for me to hear Bro. Eli.

I listened until I learnt that there are people who don’t believe in God; they’re atheists. With that part, I was really amazed because I said, “Why does Bro. Eli know that there are those who don’t believe in God?”

I can’t express what they debated about, but in the end of course, the truth prevails.

My wife and I underwent indoctrination, because we really liked what we heard, and now we are here, baptized. I also want my children to be here. What my heart searches for, I didn’t find in the Iglesia ni Cristo religion; I couldn’t feel any Spirit there. You know you’ll feel that there is the Spirit that is there between you when you talk, like here now. I can’t explain it.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli, I believe that you are really a worker of the Lord. What he says is really true. The doctrines cover all the five senses; he explained all what their functions should be.

In others, pastors don’t tell their members what’s prohibited, but here, Bro. Eli does. He teaches everything so when people will commit mistakes, he won’t be liable; he won’t be blamed.

That is why I decided to join the Church of God. So here I am. Despite I know I had many obligations, but I left them all. I said, “Those things aren’t important to me.” I really want to finish my obligations here in the Church so we can be baptized, until two days we’re going to be here. Even if it takes a whole week, no problem.


Bro. Enrique Lacsamana, 25, Former Catholic, Laguna Province

On Being Baptized
It feels really nice because I feel really light. I’m thankful to God because I knew Him. I hope I’ll be able to bring my loved ones here. I hope that many more people willl be here.

I’m actually from here in Pampanga, and I used to hear Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) before. Time came however that I moved to Laguna.

Now, our television there could never pick up that channel (UNTV). Then one time I adjusted the antenna, and when I turned the TV on, immediately it was UNTV! I’ve heard Bro. Eli Soriano already, but then I got the more interested and I said, “Perhaps I should become a member already.”

I drive a tricycle and I saw in the town proper that there was a locale. I said to my wife that we should be members there already. I was also thinking of the distance, but since I really couldn’t help the feeling anymore, I pursued going there and with God’s mercy, I was able to bring with me a friend and his wife.

From then on, I decided in myself that “This is really it. No more backing out.” That’s why I thank God and I became a member here.

On MCGI Leaders
I hope that their program widens more in scope. May God bless them and may their works spread more and may the Lord always keep them.


Bro. Ernie Funtanilla, 29, Former Catholic, Laguna Province

On Being Baptized
I feel really nice and light inside. I hope that people outside [the Church] will widen their understanding, and may they find the true path and know where they should go.

My wife had this old Bible that she inherited from her grandfather. I read and read it. My wife on the other hand, as she went on from one television channel to the next [found Bro. Eli Soriano].

[As he read] I wrote down on paper the verses and looked for them in the Bible. I found them all there and so I’m happy that I got here.

Bro. Enrique Lacsamana [neighbor and friend]: At first, I thought he wasn’t going to go with me [to the locale] because I went to him and he seemed uninterested. But time came when he frequented our house and it’s as if he started to like Bro. Eli’s program.

I then asked him, “What do you think about it?” And he said, “Yes, it’s really nice. He’s telling the truth.”

Bro. Ernie: He’s [Bro. Eli] really telling the truth. I actually feel confused with what people say [about him]. But then as I watched him, I found all of the verses he read are in the Bible!

Now, we are successfully here, and we will continue in this. This is really apart from all other religions, from Catholicism, from Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) — this is the best of all! The best we’ve heard, the clearest are those from what Bro. Eli says. I said to my wife, “Ma, I won’t leave this. I’ll continue this till the end.”

On MCGI Leaders
I hope that their preaching will widen more in scope and may we be able to bring all our loved ones here.


Bro. and Sis. Joe Cawayan, 46 and 30, Former Catholics, Manila

On Being Baptized

Sis. Cawayan: I was a Catholic before, but though I felt slightly touched in my heart being one, there was always something lacking. It’s as if there’s this gap in my heart that I still keep longing to fill.

We started watching on television. At first it was just me, then I invited my husband so we were already both listening to him. I noticed that when he [Bro. Eliseo Soriano] speaks, there’s something in it. It’s as if you’re going to get hooked to it, that something in you is being awakened.

When we were listening for a long time already, I invited my husband to get indoctrinated here. Then as I was being baptized, I tried to keep from crying, but tears just flowed from my eyes. I don’t know but perhaps it is the Spirit of God whom I felt.

That’s why I said, the religion I chose is right. I was a Catholic fanatic before, but now, I feel that I’m in a better religion than before. I feel light and I feel as if I have worth in the world.

On MCGI Leaders
To Bro. Eli, thank you for the words of wisdom. He really knows the Bible; he explains it point by point. I hope that his life will be longer so that he may be able to lead many more people to salvation.

I believe in what he says that judgment day will come. So now that we still have time, I hope that he’ll be able to lead many more so that all men may be saved. I hope that I can also bring my family, my parents who are Catholics here, God willing.


Bro. Ernesto Latupan, 65, Former Catholic, Laguna Province

On Being Baptized
I feel that I’m a new man right now. It’s a new feeling; I feel light. I have also made it to forgive the people who have wronged me. That is something I learned here in the Church of God. I’ve been listening for a long time, about five years ago.

On MCGI Leaders
I hope that through him, many more lost souls will be reached. I hope that he won’t stop until all have been brought to salvation.


Bro. Luther Legaspi, 35, Former Catholic, Manila

On Being Baptized
All I can say is that before, I used to have so many heartaches with my siblings and parents, but now, they are all gone. I feel as if my heart’s been cleansed.

On MCGI Leaders
I hope that they’ll live for many more years, many, many more years, that he may lead more lost souls in the whole world to the truth, to the Word of God.

The teachings that I learned from Bro. Eli Soriano, I have not heard from other religions as I listened to them before. Here [MCGI] what you’ll know and hear is very satisfying. I heard from him the teachings of God. I had many questions before that were all answered as I watched him on television. I hope that he’ll be able to lead many more people to the Lord.

Newly Baptized Testimonials: July 19, 2013

Take a look at short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest members baptized on July 19, 2013 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga, Philippines.

Bro. Apolonio Pante, 41, Former Catholic, Cavite Province

On Being Baptized
Before I was baptized, I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere; I had no faith. But now that I’ve been baptized, I felt the Spirit of God. I felt how I’ve accepted Him, and how I’ve repented of my sins and many other things.

I can’t explain it. It’s as if all my problems are gone. I feel light.

I started watching on UNTV 37 after my in-law advised me to watch it [Ang Dating Daan]. When I heard Bro. Eli Soriano for about three times, I got interested to watch him daily, nightly.

On MCGI Leaders
To Bro. Daniel, I hope that you’ll be able to save many more souls. I hope that you’ll bring them to the true faith.

To Bro. Eli, may God give him longer life so that many more will believe him and that he may be able to preach the words our Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible. May you be able to save many more souls.


Sis. Priscila Chavez, 68, Former Catholic, Bulacan Province

On Being Baptized
It’s as if I found here the religion that I’ve been searching for, because I’ve been to all religions. I was even close to death at one time when I fainted and fell, as I was an usherette. Fortunately, someone caught me.

Since then, I didn’t serve anymore, because I felt that no [teaching] touches my heart. I said that if I returned there, I might die and my soul will not be saved.

I’ve been listening on radio for about a year now. I asked my husband, “Do you know where’s The Old Path of Bro. Eli?” He said, “There’s one in Tungko.” So I searched for it. I was alone, and this is even the same dress I wore [laughs].

I wasn’t shy then. When I went to the Locale, it was Thanksgiving and there were many people there. I then asked, “Is this The Old Path?” They said yes, and I replied: “I want to join you, because I might die and my soul won’t be saved.”

On MCGI Leaders
It’s only through them that I knew of God’s true love to His children. That’s all I can say.


Bro. Joshua Casipit, 20, Former Baptist, Batangas

On Being Baptized
I’m really, really very happy because I became a member here. In my former religions, I didn’t see the right doctrine in them. They had many teachings that were in contrast to the Bible; they don’t read it from the Bible.

I was able to watch Bro. Eli Soriano first through Youtube. I was a Baptist and the first thing I watched was the debate of Bro. Eli Soriano vs. Madlangawa. When I saw it, I doubted that there was something wrong with the teachings of the Baptist, so I researched religions.

In the end, I found out that the Church founded by God, that the Apostles ministered in, still exists in our time — and God used Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel Razon for it.

On MCGI Leaders
My only message to them is that may God give them more life and may they still be used to serve people.


Sis. Jocelyn Torres, 49, Former Catholic, Pampanga Province

On Being Baptized
It’s like, I finally found what I’ve been long looking for, and I’m content.

I’ve been long listening to Bro. Eli Soriano because I’ve been searching for the truth. My mother was Catholic and my father was Iglesia ni Cristo; they believed in different gods. It’s like, Christ was man and Christ was God. Which one is true?

Then I searched on TV. Whenever there was someone preaching, I searched for the truth in them. I watched Velarde, Ferriol, until I found Bro. Eli. Exactly at that point, his topic was about Christ. I found it to be true, because before I searched on TV, I searched first in the Bible.

I then remembered what time his broadcast was. Since then, I’ve been a regular listener. Ever since I heard him in 2000, I stopped going to Church. But before, I used to go frequently because I wanted to be closer to God, but I didn’t know where to go to.

On MCGI Leaders
Before I joined here, I first attended Thanksgiving every Saturday. I also attended Thanksgiving Viewing in the locale. It was there that I became sure that what Bro. Eli says is guided by the Holy Spirit. That’s why I got baptized.

I believe that all he teaches is inspired by the Holy Spirit. He’s unlike others who just invent what they explain, like Quiboloy.


Sis. Daisy Mingo, 19, Former Catholic, Mindoro Province

On Being Baptized
I thank Bro. Eli and I thank God because I became a member here. I listened on the radio and sometimes my mother invited me to attend Church services.

On MCGI Leaders
Many, many thanks to Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel because I became a member in the Church of God. Thank you!


Bro. Jose Mingo, 57, Former Born Again, Mindoro Province

On Being Baptized
With the Lord’s mercy, I feel light; I feel relieved. We were able to know the Lord through Bro. Eli. Many thanks to the Lord because he changed my life.

It was my in-law who is a member here, and I said to her: “If the Lord wills, please lead us to your religion, because in the Born Again, I don’t understand their teaching.” If you won’t be able to give tithes or offering, I couldn’t worship because I didn’t even have Php5.00.

On MCGI Leaders
I’m really very thankful that I knew Bro. Eli, and that the Lord changed me. I was a drunkard before. But now, I’ve forgotten everything on this day. Many thanks to the Lord for he changed me.

We came from afar. We’re from Mindoro, and it’s a whole day’s journey and it’s also tiring to the body. After I was immersed, I felt that the evil spirits have come out. Many thanks to the Lord for He changed me.


Bro. Jomer Mingo, 20, Former Born Again, Mindoro Province

On Being Baptized
I really feel light, and happy because now I’m with God.

The mother of my wife made way for us to hear Bro. Eli. It was during a Bible Study that I heard him and I really felt that what he says is true.

On MCGI Leaders
I’m really very thankful because we realized all of the mistakes in our former religion.


Bro. Pedro Chavez, Batangas Province

On Being Baptized
I feel relieved. Before I felt bad, but now I feel really relieved. It was my cousin who invited me here as I was a Catholic before. I went with him. Until there came a time when I understood that everything being said is in the Bible. That’s why I went on with becoming a member, with the baptism.

She’s [Sis. Jocelyn Chavez] my in-law and we met here on this day! I haven’t seen her for a long time! I actually didn’t know that she was undergoing indoctrination, and I was surprised to see her here.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli really explains well. All he says is nothing but in the Bible. He’s really true.

MCGI Infant Care Celebrates First Year Anniversary

At the Infant Care Center in Apalit, Pampanga, Philippines, staff members of the ADD Foundation Inc.'s Infant Care Center smile wide while carrying two of the center's babies.
Staff members of the ADD Foundation Inc.’s Infant Care Center smile wide while carrying two of the center’s babies. The Infant Care Center is located in Apalit, Pampanga.

The Infant Care Center, the social welfare group geared to provide care for abandoned and neglected babies under the ADD Foundation International, offered the sacrifice of thanksgiving to the Lord to celebrate their first anniversary at the ADD Convention Center on July 20, 2013.

Established July 20, 2012, the charity arm of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) is based in Apalit, Pampanga. The Center is accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and categorized as a child-caring agency, which temporarily shelters babies ages 0-2 ½ years old until they can be taken in by licensed foster families.

Sis. Annabelle Bercasio, one of the volunteer social workers in the center recalled the early beginnings of the Center in an interview, stressing, “The Infant Care was established during those times when there was rampant news of people abandoning babies in transport vehicles and in streets.”

The Center, an advocacy originally conceptualized by Kuya Daniel Razon, was envisioned to “take care of these babies as they grow, to give them the care and love their parents failed to give them.”

“Babies are part of the marginalized and vulnerable sector of the society. They cannot fight back when they are neglected and abused. It is indeed a great advocacy by our Church Leaders to provide care for these children’s wellbeing,” Sis. Bercasio elaborated.

Currently housing eight babies, the Center also takes in babies that are voluntarily surrendered to them for different reasons and cases. The parents of these babies must voluntarily give their full consent to the Infant Care Center.

“Our goal here in the Infant Care is to help reintegrate the children back to their families [in the right time],” stressed Sis Bercacio, before adding that “if ever they won’t have a family to return to, our option is to provide for them a foster family in which they can belong.”

Among eight of the babies being sheltered by the center, one of them is already being reintegrated back to his family.

Staff members of the Infant Care undergo a weekly training to comply with standard operating procedures imposed by DSWD for operators of child-care agencies in the Philippines. One important requirement include the employent of staff who can effectively watch over the children and provide child development programs during the children’s growing up years.

The Center provides the inhabitants’ basic needs like food, milk, diapers and clothes whereby registered social workers and caregivers are employed to assist. Nursing assistants are also tapped to render service in ensuring the monthly check-ups of the babies, as well as the completion of all their necessary vaccines.

Most important of all, the Center’s staff have been taught by Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel to care for the young ones as if they were their own, aside from making sure that the babies’ physiological needs are met.

“With God’s help, the children are well-provided, especially with the affection that they need,” remarked Sis. Bercasio.

(Written by Yanna Faye Ferrera)

(Photo by Rovic Balunsay, PVI)

Newly Baptized Testimonials: July 12, 2013

Take a look at short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI’s youngest members baptized on July 12, 2013 at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga, Philippines.

Bro. Darwin Epres, 36, Former Catholic, Cavite

On Being Baptized
I’m really happy because I’ve accepted the whole doctrine. I’ve been listening [to Bro. Eliseo Soriano] on television for about nine years now, until I lived near a locale and that’s when it started.

Then I had friends who are members of the Church of God, and that’s what convinced me. I said to myself, “Church of God members are really different.” With God’s mercy, they invited me. I said that this was something I just used to regularly pass by, and it took me years and years before I realized that I should’ve entered it long ago.

If only I knew how a good a feeling it was to be in the Church, that after baptism you’ll know that you’ve been forgiven your sins, that you were cleansed already. You’ll feel different because as Bro. Eli said, you’ll have the Spirit to help you in doing good.

It feels really good to obey God now since I’ve spent a long time in doing worldly deeds, and I really wanted to end those already. With God’s mercy, I did, and I thank the Lord because I know that He loves me.

It’s easier to obey God because you already have the Spirit to help you. We alone, we cannot do it.

On MCGI Leaders
I hope that Bro. Eli will have a longer life, a really long life so that he may still be used by the Lord in service that he may save many more souls in this time. To Bro. Daniel, I hope he continues his program on radio, as I often listen. I hear him on Radyo La Verdad 1350.


Bro. Roderick Misa, 29, Former Catholic, Laguna Province

On Being Baptized
I’m really happy that I was able to attend the indoctrination sessions and am now baptized. I feel really light and I know this is the beginning [of my service to God].

Before, I just watched on television. Then I had workmates who are members and they explained things to me about the Church. When there was a live Bible Exposition, I went there and I said that I would just investigate. After that, I asked, “How do I get indoctrinated?”

With God’s help and mercy, I was able to finish the indoctrination sessions. It gave me such a huge relief, especially now [that I’m baptized].

On MCGI Leaders
I hope you’re in a good condition, and may the Lord God always guide you. You have helped so many people in preaching the Word of God. I can’t say anything but thanks also to Bro. Daniel. I realized so many things.


Bro. Relvin Mangle, 21, Former Catholic, Pangasinan Province

On Being Baptized
I watched on Youtube Bro. Eli’s debates; one of the very first was his debate against an atheist. That was the very first one I saw, and it got me so interested that time that I almost didn’t sleep at night [laughs].

My nights were spent on watching his debates until I realized that I’ve watched the very last video [on Youtube]. So that’s how I ended up in the Locale of Rosario in Pasig, Manila.

On MCGI Leaders
I hope that people like me will hear the things that you teach. Because while you are here on this earth, many people will be saved. Bro. Eli, Bro. Daniel, and all of the brethren are always in my prayers.

God bless. I hope you’ll live longer and may there be many more like me who believes in your words.


Sis. Josefina Mesa, 61, Former Catholic, Laguna Province

On Being Baptized
I’m happy because when we were in another religion, it’s as if our lives weren’t good.

My eldest is actually already a member here. Before, we just ignored and laughed at him when he invited us to attend.

Now, I invited my husband to be here because he’s already old and sickly as he had many vices before. He had many sins, and now I was able to bring him here with me. He was also baptized today.

Before, we were already given a good life: our children were regulars in their jobs and all. Until, everything was gone; perhaps, also because of their father’s sins. We weren’t able to stop him, not even speak to him about it; he was always angry.

Then, he became sick. Since he was unable to do anything and was always at home, he was able to listen to Bro. Soriano. In the end, we requested that we be indoctrinated in our house.
We were happy because since he started with the indoctrination, he’s not noisy anymore; he’s lowly to our children. May the Lord bless us.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli, thank you for your explanations. We were really enlightened. We feel relieved. Our children already started indoctrination, although they weren’t able yet to finish it due to their jobs.


Bro. Jovito Combo, 42, Former Catholic, Rizal Province

On Being Baptized
I can’t explain the way I feel. I don’t know what to call this feeling. But it’s really different, unlike ordinary feelings.

If it weren’t for Brad Pete’s [main character in a parody of The Old Path program on the gag show Bubble Gang; played by Isko Moreno, imitating Bro. Eli] popularity before, I wouldn’t discover the Ang Dating Daan show. I said, “What’s that?” Until I learned that it’s like that.

Since then, I found myself always listening whenever there’s a chance. And I never thought that the point would come in my life that I would be indoctrinated. It’s really hard to explain.
At first, I didn’t believe in things like that. For me, my life was just study, work, go to church. I just believed in God. So I really didn’t expect this, that I’m here now, and I have a new birthday.

On MCGI Leaders
Bro. Eli, I’m really happy. I used to think that you were just pedantic, and I never thought that I would now be here in the Church of God. I’m ready to obey and persevere [to do good]. Long live Bro. Eli.


Sis. Yolanda Sason, 37, Former UCCP, Palawan Province

On Being Baptized
Oh, I feel so happy! I’ve been longing to be baptized since the 90s, but my parents objected then.

But with God’s help and mercy, my sister is now a member, as well my aunt and my first cousin. Now we want to change, and have a simple life with fear of God and our family whole.

With the many things that happened in my life and it was chaotic and all, I never thought that I would meet God again. My life is happy again since I’ve accepted God in my life. He’s really the Savior. With God’s mercy, we remain strong, have our lives and the [chance] to make it right for God.

I feel light and relieved because all the wrong things I’ve asked God to forgive, I can feel his forgiveness. I said to myself, “I feel free.” I felt freedom, and it’s not freedom only of my earthly body, but of my spirit as well.

On MCGI Leaders
I am thanking with my whole heart, firstly, God. Secondly, to Bro. Eli because he truly doesn’t teach the Bible wrongfully, but every word he says, he reads from the Bible to preach to all men about it. Thanks be to God!


Bro. Allan Sason, 38, Former Catholic, Palawan Province

On Being Baptized
My in-law, who is already a member, invited me to attend prayer meetings and other Church services, and I got interested and listened to the topics Bro. Eli discusses. That was the start of my eye-opening experience, until I decided to be undergo indoctrination and be baptized.
I thank the Lord God because I became a member in the Church through the preaching of Bro. Eli. My mind feels relieved, and I feel light.

On MCGI Leaders
I thank Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel and all the workers, and of course I thank the Lord God. He is the reason behind all this. All I can really say is many, many thanks!


Sis. Carlyne Ramos, 18, KNC, Pangasinan Province

On Being Baptized
I’m thankful because it’s my second time to be indoctrinated and finally now my baptism has happened. I was a KNC (Kawan ng Cordero) before. My aunt always brought me to gatherings.

On MCGI Leaders
I hope that the Lord always guides them and may He add more days to their lives. I really, really want many more people to learn from them, to understand the doctrines.


Sis. Cecila Espina, 75, Former Catholic, Bulacan Province

On Being Baptized
It’s nice and I’m happy. Oh how tears fell from my eyes because of so much joy. I cried and I cried until I was immersed, and tears kept flowing. When Bro. Eli was speaking, I said, “Lord, forgive me.” I had so many sins before, as I’m also old already.

On MCGI Leaders
I’m really, really thankful to Him above, because if it weren’t for Him in the heavens, I wouldn’t be able to see Bro. Eli Soriano; I wouldn’t be a member here. I was crying and crying when he [Bro. Eli] spoke. I really cried a whole lot.