April Week 1 Marks Three Big Events

Come April Week 1, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) will celebrate three big consecutive events: the Lord’s Supper, the first quarter International Thanksgiving, and Bro. Eli’s 48th spiritual birthday.

Nisan 13 in the Hebrew calendar falls on the first week of April, when the organization will mark the annual commemoration of the Lord’s Supper upon the setting of the sun, which is the start of a biblical day. MCGI will remember the affliction and death of the Lord Jesus Christ by offering prayers and songs, as well as studying a biblical topic.

Bro. Daniel Razon delivering the first part of a biblical topic in one of MCGI's weekly Thanksgivings.
Bro. Daniel Razon delivering the first part of a biblical topic in one of MCGI’s weekly Thanksgivings.

As most countires observe the long holiday, MCGI will celebrate its first quarterly International Thanksgiving for three whole days. Members gather at MCGI locations internationally to study biblical topics and offer songs of thanks to God every quarter of each year. The largest gathering in the Philippines is at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga, a province north of Manila, where the Central Division is based.

The last leg of the three-day event is expected to be more festive as MCGI celebrates the 48th spiritual birthday of its Presiding Minister, Bro. Eli Soriano. The Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path host was baptized in the Church of God on April 7, 1964.

(Written by: Jay Arellano)

MCGI Welcomes Hebrew Year 5772 With Overnight Thanksgiving

Time check: Hour displayed on the screen to monitor time before it hits the first day of the Hebrew Calendar.

Just before midnight in the Philippines and sunset in Israel on March 23, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) welcomed the new year in the Hebrew calendar with a Thanksgiving service that lasted until the next morning.

A day in the calendar observed by the Israelites begins when the sun sets. This year, Nisan 1, 5772 clocked at exactly 11:53 Philippine time. Members gathered at the ADD Convention Center in Luzon and elsewhere in the country and the world via Internet and satellite facilities and altogether started the year with prayers and songs to the Lord.

As MCGI Presiding Minister Bro. Eli Soriano explained, MCGI follows the Hebrew calendar because it was the one observed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Bro. Eli also pointed out that it is the same calendar that the Israelites used, as commanded by God in Exodus 12:2.

MCGI celebrated the new year with Thanksgiving, a weekly service that regularly falls on a Saturday where members sing songs of thanks to God and study biblical topics.

Bro. Daniel Razon, MCGI Vice Presiding Minister, delivered the first part of the topic as well as a yearend report of MCGI’s accomplishments with God’s help. He gave news on the total number of souls baptized, on the total number of people served by daily medical missions and other public services, as well as new Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path broadcasts around the world.

The event started at 8 in the evening and ended at about 5 in the morning the next day. MCGI’s next Thanksgiving will return as regularly scheduled following the Bible Exposition on March 30 at all MCGI coordinating centers.

Bible-Reading Hour Begins on MCGI.org Community Prayer Portal


Bible Reading - Mapalad Ang Bumabasa (Blessed is He Who Reads)

Visitors to MCGI.org can now hear verses of the Bible read to them from 4 to 5 a.m. (PHT) daily.

The Community Prayer page of MCGI.org, which can be accessed at mcgi.org/cp, now streams Mapalad Ang Bumabasa (Blessed is He Who Reads), a program on UNTV where broadcast journalist Daniel Razon reads books of the New Testament chapter by chapter as verses are displayed on screen.

The program is part of the efforts of MCGI leaders Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon to bring the Bible back in the daily lives of people. The Bible-reading segment on MCGI.org began airing on March 12, 2012.

Apart from Bible-based shows, MCGI gives out free copies of the Bible in their Bible Expositions, a gathering where visitors can ask their questions about spiritual life live to Bro. Eli.

The Old Path Now on Ecuadorian Television

The Old Path on Ecuadorian TV

The longest-running religious program in the Philippines, Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path, can now be viewed in Ecuador.

The Republic of Ecuador lies near the equator bordered by Colombia on the north and Peru on the south. The MCGI coordinating center in Ecuador is the newest addition to locales established in Latin America, following those in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, and Uruguay.

The Old Path host announced the news during one of the Thanksgiving services of MCGI. El Camino Antiguo airs from 4:30 to 5:30 a.m. via free-to-air television network GAMA TV nationwide.

Bro. Eli said that this is in response to the request of many people in the country e-mailing him about his preaching and how they can attend Church services. To date, the program in Ecuador is MCGI’s latest evangelization effort in Latin America.

In August last year, MCGI began broadcasting via the Fox Channel in Central and South America. The program is available in English (The Old Path), Portuguese (O Caminho Antigo), and Spanish (El Camino Antiguo) and is carried by over 50 cable networks.

(Writter by: Jay Arellano)