2012: A Fruitful Year for ADD Foundation’s Mass Bloodletting Drives

The year 2012 has been a very fruitful year for the ADD Foundation International, the charity and public service arm of the Members Church of God International (MCGI), after yielding a total of 9,920 blood bags during the course of its year-long mass blood donation drives.

In partnership with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), MCGI through ADD Foundation holds regular blood donation drives and quarterly Mass Bloodletting Drives in different key locations all over the Philippines and abroad. This continuing effort by MCGI is geared at reaching the required daily 2,500 units of blood needed by the PRC.

Charity Works

Members of the Church of God International donate blood at a Mass Blood Donation at the Transient Home in Apalit, Pampanga.

Out of the total 11,930 blood donors for the full 2012 year, records from the ADD Foundation showed that there were 805 recipients of this effort. A total of 843 units of blood were given to clients from the Philippine Blood Center (PBC) and PRC, respectively. MCGI’s live donors on the other hand numbered to 362.

Included in the list of recipients from live donors was the late “Dolphy” Quizon, the Philippines’ Comedy King. A member with a B+ blood type donated blood and plasma to the beloved celebrity in June 2012.

For MCGI’s contribution of more than 2,000 bags of blood last year, the Philippine Blood Center honored the Church with the Jose Rizal Award. The award was the highest laurel in the Dugong Bayani Awards 2012, held at the Diamond Hotel last December 17, 2012.

Charity Works

MCGI members at Pampanga, Philippines take a seat as they wait for volunteers from the Philippine Blood Center to test their blood for donation.

The Philippine Blood Center (PBC), a branch of the Department of Health, is the country’s leading provider of blood collected from volunteer blood donors.

The MCGI through ADD Foundation also holds medical missions in various places all over the country. The Church also provides legal assistance to the public and maintains transient homes in Quezon City and Pampanga.

(Written by: Faye Ferrera)