August 15, 2021

Tanya Ponce


Virtual Thanksgiving Celebration and Musical Presentation Mark 13th Anniversary of MCGI 24/7 Chorale

Thirteen years ago on August 10, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) Chorale debuted the 24-hour continuous singing of praise and hymns to God, becoming one of the first largest choir groups that sustain a 24-hour singing to praise and worship the Almighty. 

On Saturday, August 14 and now amid a pandemic, thousands of joyful choir members worldwide who participated throughout the year to the nonstop singing to God joined together online for a virtual thanksgiving celebration. 

The MCGI 24/7 Chorale performed the symphony version of Brother Daniel Razon’s original composition, “Dala Kong Nakalimbag” (I Carry the Printed Tome). The heartfelt song conveys how Christians can take part in the suffering of Christ by spiritually carrying the Scriptures, which contain the words of God.

To form a wonderful and coherent video presentation with the MCGI Chorale, different divisions recorded and performed the assigned parts of the song.

This was the second time the group marked this event online since the first-ever digital convention.

An Eventful Online Commemoration

On August 10, the exclusive MCGI daily program Serbisyong Kapatiran (Brotherly Service) dedicated the evening to mark the anniversary of the MCGI 24/7 Chorale. Regular segments of the program, such as Sa Likod ng Isang Awit (Behind the Song) and Story of my Faith and Kristiano Drama (Christian Drama), featured MCGI Chorale members. 

On the same program, the MCGI Chorale and TK Production Team present “Kawangis,” a musical drama that tells about the story of a husband and wife who learned about the teachings of the Bible on how they should take care of their son who has special needs and physical disability. With a running time of more than 20 minutes, the short film showed how the couple overcame their difficulties. They also realized the importance of remaining steadfast in their faith despite the problems they were encountering to be worthy in the sight of God.

Flashbacks showing the time when they were able to go to live church gatherings and experience the joy of seeing the brethren face-to-face strengthened their faith that one day they will see one another again in the presence of the Almighty.

“Kawangis” was the musical Kristiano Drama during Serbisyong Kapatiran on August 10, 2021.

24/7 MCGI Chorale Through the Years

Drawing inspiration from I Chronicles 9:33, Brother Eli Soriano and Brother Daniel Razon announced the creation of a 24-hour chorale on August 10, 2008, during a weekly thanksgiving gathering.

Choir groups from different locales, divisions, and regions responded to the call by filling every timeslot across an entire day and night to sustain the nonstop singing and worship to the Almighty for 24 hours. 

“It all started with the choir in Apalit, Philippines, which then extended to other Philippine divisions, then, with God’s help, now it has reached churchwide internationally,” recalled Sis. Girlie Ann Arce, a Music Ministry Core member. 

In an interview, Sis. Girlie added that MCGI Chorale saw an increase in the number of participants to the MCGI 24/7 Chorale. Amid the pandemic on its 13th year, “the singing went from performing on locales (live) to online (destino) with the aid of video conferencing platforms like Zoom.” 

She added that the 24-hour singing is also being streamed live on the official MCGI Music Channel on YouTube to accommodate other participating choir members since “it isn’t possible to open every choir’s mics altogether through Zoom while singing.”

Chorale members from polar regions like East Canada (above), and Australia and Guam (below) perform during their assigned two-hour timeslots for the 24/7 program.

When asked how it feels to perform online due to lockdown, new 24/7 Chorale participants described the experience as “truly different” that offer “unique happiness.”

Bro. Redgie Tuazon from Melbourne, Australia, expressed that “it’s truly different when you’re singing live (on locale or coordinating center) because you’re personally with the choir.” He added: “There is a feeling you can’t explain when it’s live but online is equally joyous because no matter the situation now, what’s important is that we are altogether offering songs of thanksgiving and praise to our God. Thanks be to God!”

“The only difference is that I’m not physically with my fellow choir, but we all sing one spirit. I think that’s all that matters,” Bro. Romy Gonzales of Taguig City in the Philippines said. 

“Although there is certain, unique happiness when you see your fellows face to face. Thanks be to God.”

24/7 Nonstop Singing on Social Media

The Music Ministry invites everyone to sing along to the 24-hour live stream of gospel songs and listen to hymns through the MCGI Music Channel on YouTube.

For those who love to write praise songs, the group invites lyricists and songwriters to join the upcoming edition of the praise songwriting competition A Song of Praise Music Festival (ASOP) International!

Also, on YouTube, watch as the MCGI Chorale joins the Guinness World family for the World’s Largest Gospel Choir.

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